Willem Najoan

    Head of Driver Analytics at Grab ID


    • Professional with expertise in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM), Customer Loyalty Management, Customer Touch Point and related field.
    • Years of experience in CRM, CLM and Customer Loyalty Management in three of Indonesia’s biggest Telecommunication operator.
    • Experience in developed, launched and maintain successful program.
    • An achiever, fast learner and easy to adapt in new environment.
    • Specialties: Customer Focus, Marketing, Customer Management Database, CRM, Retention, Loyalty programs, Churn reduction, Revenue increasing using CRM tools, Campaign Management System


    Head of Driver Analytics at Grab
    November 2017 – Present

    (CRM & CE) Division Head Customer Lifecycle Management – Program Operation at Indosat
    January 2013 – Present

    • Responsible for increasing customer lifetime and revenue using customer profile & behavior, targeted marketing campaign, up sell and cross sell.
    • Ongoing project: Mass loyalty program (Point based program), partnership program, customer database enrichment and monetizing
    • Number of staff: 9 people

    Division Head CEO Office at Indosat Ooredoo
    October 2016 – November 2017 (1 year 2 months)

    Sr. Manager Retention & Loyalty – Customer Lifecycle Management at Bakrie Telecom
    May 2009 – December 2012 (3 years 8 months)

    To lead Customer Lifecycle Green Segment and Customer Loyalty team.
    The objective:

    • Increasing customer revenue through micro segmentation campaign programs.
    • Reducing churn rate by using data mining to create offer campaign directly to customer.
    • Increasing customer loyalty with the Esia brand by giving more value such as merchant discount, special treatment on event, privilege, etc.

    To conduct data analysis to gain new perspective of customer overall behavior.
    Key Achievements:

    • Manage to increase customers revenue from segment.
    • Succeed to maintain segment churn level.
    • Secured company investment with new business model when acquired Campaign Management System.
    • Project manager in acquiring and integrating Convergys Dynamic Decision Solution (CDDS) as
      Campaign Management System in Bakrie Telecom.
    • Develop Campaign Management System in Bakrie Telecom which enabling full automation
      marketing offers to customers through SMS, email, IVR outbound, social media, web offer, etc.
    • Develop and design customer segment based on customer value.
    • Develop social media as marketing and communication tools by maximizing Esia’s Twitter (58,314 followers), Facebook (121,149 members) – till date.
    • Develop and launch HAPESIAGA program in August, 2007 with ACE Insurance as partner. The
      first mobile phone lost insurance in Indonesia.
    • Awarded for Best Retention Program from OnMobile India (partner company in retention program development)
    • Create many joint promotion programs special for Esia user with various merchant partner (malls, restaurant, café, waterpark, movies, etc).

    Manager Segment – Customer Lifecycle Management at PT. XL Axiata Tbk
    October 2008 – April 2009 (7 months)

    • Together with team developed new department called Customer Lifecycle Management.
    • The objectives of this new department is to conduct test programs with various approach/offers to increase usage and reduce churn.
    • To conduct data analysis of all consumer behavior data and developed program to increase
    • Create and developing usage increasing program.
    • Create and developing program on churn management base on data analysis.

    Manager Retention & Loyalty – Postpaid & Prepaid at PT Excelcomindo Pratama
    August 2007 – September 2008 (1 year 2 months)

    Key Responsibilities:

    • To conduct data analysis of all consumer behavior data and developing anti churn strategies.
    • Create and developing anti churn programs base on data analysis.
    • Create and developing loyalty program using internal resources (telephony offer) or third party cooperation.
    • Developed and launched XL Poin Hadiah, a major loyalty program base on point collection and redemption.
    • Transferred to Postpaid team, responsible to develop breakthrough marketing and retention program for XL Postpaid (June 08).
    • Developed programs to increase usage on Postpaid customer base on retention program dan VAS

    Key Achievements:

    • Develop and launched new loyalty program XL Poin Hadiah, a point reward program for XL’s customers. KPI for this program is to increase customer lifetime. Task include : budgeting, promotion, marketing communication, building website, prizes, raffle drawing, etc
    • Create and develop many customer lifecycle program with objective to increase customers lifetime
      and usage.
    • Manage to maintain churn level in targeted level.

    Sr. Account Executive
    February 2005 – August 2007 (2 years 7 months)

    Key Responsibilities:

    • To achieve company sales target.
    • To build a good relationship with advertising agency and advertiser in order for selling TV commercial spot and sponsorship.
    • Create a new form of cross selling activities between TV programs and off air event to get more benefit for company and advantages for partners.
    • To conduct data analysis of TV rating and other research to developing new programs or events.
    • Major client: Dentsu Indonesia (XL, Toyota, GarudaFood, etc)

    Key Achievements:

    • Top two highest ad-sales achiever in two consecutive years.
    • Created many bundling program (on air, off air and event) in order to achieve company target and program awareness such as: Nickelodeon Walk For Fun (annual fun walk for children), Nickelodeon Screen (weekly children gathering in malls)

    Account Executive
    March 2003 – February 2005 (2 years)

    Adsales for TV program specialized on kids program (Japanese animation series)