Thousands of BINUSIAN Have Been Working Before their Graduation Ceremony

    Almost all students want to work directly after they graduate of college, or of course, some even want to work before their graduation ceremony. These real-life experiences occurred to students of BINUS UNIVERSITY.

    Based on the data obtained from BINUS Career & Alumni Center, from 2,618 alumni of Regular D3-S1, 72 percent have been working in global companies. In addition 21 percent of them have been working as entrepreneurs. This means at least 1,855 of D3-S1 students have been working and 550 of them have been working in global companies and entrepreneurship.

    Meanwhile, for the combined data of D3 to Regular S2 and international classes, there is a record of 73 percent (2,141 people) who have been working in global companies and 22 percent (645) have become entrepreneurs.

    Related to this fact, BINUS UNIVERSITY has been creating a curriculum which focused on improving employability skills, which is the combination of knowledge and soft skills, which are planned carefully to improve the maximum number of working alumni.

    BINUS sees the potential of their students to be able to graduate on time. Moreover, BINUS has the principle of urging their students to be successful in their academic world and their career. By working, they will be able to understand more about it.