When Students Organizations on Two Campuses Meet

    37 students from Institute Informatics & Business Darma Jaya, Lampung, visited BINUS UNIVERSITY on Tuesday (6/3). They received a warm welcome from the Student Organization of Engineering Informatics (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika or HIMTI) and faculty members.

    According to Solehan, a representative of IBI Darma Jaya, BINUS UNIVERSITY is setting a very good example. That’s why in this visit, him and his students which are mostly members of the Student Activity Unit of Computer & Film Club tried to maximize the visit by exploring the development of the campus, especially on the engineering informatics area.

    “We highly appreciate the good relationship which is built between these activity units. In the future, hopefully we can implement our knowledge,” Solehan explained as he represented the Rector of IBI Darma Jaya who couldn’t make it in the visit.

    On that opportunity, HIMTI of BINUS UNIVERSITY explained about various activities conducted on their organization, from managing the whole organization to creating events. (YD)