Mellisa Gilbert, Runner Up of SCTV Goes to Campus 2012

    Melisa Gilbert, a student majoring in Marketing Communication BINUS UNIVERSITY, was triumphed as the runner up in the event for the search of journalist and reliable presented SCTV Goes to Campus 2012, Friday (2/3). In addition to Melisa, two other BINUSIAN who became finalists were Bryan Gunawan and Pedri Septian.

    On March 2-3, 2012, for two whole days Melisa, Bryan and Pedri had to overcome challenges which are arranged by the judges. On the first day, they were among the 81 participants who had to face various questions and cynical expressions from the judges. The purpose: to test their mentality.

    On the second day, the three of them with two other finalists who were chosen, Wandra Putra Mahendra (Palembang) and Reska Amelia (Jakarta) had to cover a story in Rawa Belong flower market. This challenge is quite profound because they had to be able to report live from the scene.

    They had to look for the right data and sources, perform interviews and create accurate news out of these materials. They also had to be ready to go live in front of the camera. The results were then presented to participants of SGTC 2012 workshop.

    But that’s not all. Next, they had to improvise in delivering news, with a theme previously arranged by the judges, in front of hundreds of other participants. “This is very challenging indeed,” explained Melisa who had previous experiences as reporter and presenter of BINUS TV.

    Finally, judges decided to crown Wandra Putra Mahendra as the winner. Melisa managed to finish on second place, Bryan on fourth and Pedri on fifth. Although they didn’t turn out as the first winner, these brave participants from BINUS UNIVERSITY had achieved magnificently. They have made their campus proud.

    “We were able to learn from our previous mistakes to obtain better result. We can improve our weakness,” Melisa said while she was interviewed on Liputan6 Pagi, Sunday (4/3). (YD)