A world-class business and creative entrepreneurship study program, fostering and empowering the society in serving and building the nation.


  1. Educating BINUSIANs to develop exemplary characters through holistic approach.
    Educating BINUSIANs to be ethical & innovative graduates with multiple skills to deal with business digitalization challenges using holistic approach.
  2. Developing business through creative entrepreneurship and relevant research.
    Encouraging BINUSIAN to advance knowledge and practices with high quality research for resolving business and entrepreneurship issues.
  3. Fostering BINUSIANs through self-enrichment. Nourishing BINUSIANs’ SPIRIT for improving personal and professional capabilities.
  4. Empowering BINUSIANs to continuously improve business community.
    Invigorating BINUSIANs to solve the business community challenges through academic and community service activities.

Program Objectives

  1. Provide students basic knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and management they need in business practice
  2. Provide students with entrepreneurial and business skills integrated with information technology that have an impact on business, marketing, operations, finance and business organizations and provide tools used in business implementation
  3. Preparing students to become entrepreneurs and agents of change ethically by utilizing skills and knowledge in building a sustainable business

Student Outcomes

  1. Each student should be able to comprehend business concept.
  2. Each student should be able to demonstrate entrepreneurial acumen by applying creative, innovative, analytical thinking as well as applying communication skills, and ICT skills
  3. Each student should be able to apply ethical and professional values.
  4. Each student should be able to articulate sustainable business perspective in exercising business concept.