Learn About Storytelling from “The House” Short Movie

Learn in Fun Way

Lecturers and students are the best manifestation in teaching and learning. Both sides usually have discussion and togetherness either in online class or face to face; talking about the subject they get into, not to mention discussing what part of the subject and project they like the most and how they solve the problems or how their assessment would be smoothly done. In 2D+ animation streaming from Visual Communication Design Study Program in BINUS @Bandung, the lecturers and students in “Production and Storytelling” class initiated a “movie day”. This regular ‘time to watch a movie while learning’ day happens every Saturday at 3 PM. Either not all the students got involved or interested to be part of it, but it didn’t affect the joy of the event.

This article is not going to share or give spoilers about an animation movie, but to tell the audience how important it is to have non formal discussion in learning, for example from watching a movie together and discussing it based on the theory that is already given from lecturers. The movie that the lecturers chose to watch last Saturday was “The House”. It is a stop motion-animation movie which has a dark comedy genre. In the discussion, the lecturers and students break down the characters, environment, and the storyline. These three elements are the most important to understand for students. They can use these experiences as assets to make their own story for the class project.

Figure 1. The House Movie in Netflix

Moreover, backstory is also important to be shown in a story. The backstory is not only found in the storyline, but also in the main character, secondary character, or from the environment as visuals. This study is needed as supplies to students if they want to make a good storyline. So in the fun discussion, the lecturers and students tried to find what’s behind the message of the story, the inner grooming of the characters, and the meaning of the story deeper.

This movie day is one of many ways in learning, and getting along together between lecturers and students. By doing this event, the lecturers hope that the students won’t get bored and always have the spirit in learning, and also can strengthen their relationship to the subject.

By Citra F Santoso