Cross-cultural adaptation is a long process of adjustment to gain comfort when in a new and diverseenvironment. The students fromManggarai – Flores (Province ofEast Nusa Tenggara) residing in Malanghave different identity characteristics, and this affects how they interact and adapt to local residents.Communication which is built between these students and the local residents can’t be understood withoutlearning the basic steps in cross-cultural adaptation process.This research uses qualitative research methodwith interpretive paradigm intended to gain deep understandingfrom Manggarai student’s point of view intheir adaptation with the local community in Malang. This research ultimately aims tocontribute to the studyof intercultural communication in Indonesia, especially to understand and deepen the communication betweencommunity cultures from outside the region and the local communities.

Frederik Masri Gasa1, Radityo Widiatmojo2, Asih Zunaidah1and Nisrin Husna3

Publisher: International Conference on Language, Literature,Culture and Citizenship Year: 2018