The Management Information System as we know it has also been resolved in the information era of industry 4.0, various kinds of needs that we think can be met with information that continues to grow and make it easier for every activity that exists both in an industry and even in daily life.

For example, the development experienced by Japan, which has the totality of changes to the digital information era 4.0, has a deficiency, which is Japan could continue to have a decline in the birth rate, this means that many Japanese citizens have no interest in continuing their country’s development in creating human resources, with these changes, as a result, in 2050 Japan predicts that there will be a population where 40% of the population is aged 65 years and over. the implementation of the digital society resolution 5.0 in that country.

Society Digital 5.0 for management science itself will certainly continue to grow along with the existing needs and distribution of social impact, and also often helps to continue to produce solutions and meet other human needs, management in this case is often an important benchmark in implementing resolutions or a new era namely digital society 5.0, the expected direction of development also includes minimizing the orientation of technology,  but also being able to have integrity between humans and technology. [1]

As has been explained, this digital society 5.0 will develop because it often links humans and technology, things that need to be carefully measured and planned to get a good development of the resolution of a digital society 5.0.

From the discussion that has been explained, it is said that there needs to be an important element in creating a better world, eliminating the gap between humans and existing technology by creating superior human resources to face and complement all changes and needs that exist over time.

And the direction of the development of Management science in this era or resolution 5.0 is of course by responding to the challenges of existing human needs to create opportunities for convenience in life through the creation of technology. In management science we learn a lot of things related to human resources, human habits, ways of thinking, the development of the value of humans and so on, with some of the knowledge discussed in Management this time can also help from implementing the resolution of the digital society 5.0.

This value will of course make the World more balanced without any gaps and create a world with a good future, because it is inhabited by a superior society not only to meet their needs but also to create new conveniences in social life.