In line with the realization of the balance of digital society 5.0, in this case Islam also has a similar view related to the nature of humans as perfect beings as stated in [1] Quran Surah At-tin ;4

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْاِنْسَانَ فِيْٓ اَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيْمٍۖ

” Indeed, we have created man in the best of forms.”

In that verse we understand that it is humans who should be able as the Master of the development in this world, even to make changes and technological developments require the existence of good and superior human resources, if we think back on all technology that will end up in the hands of humans themselves from the start. To utilize technology to facilitate the work of all objects created on the basis of human needs, it is appropriate that there must be a balance implementation of world developments in technology and also the development of good and superior human resources.

The resolution of digital society 5.0 does not mean without change, because might most of people will think that it is only connects humans in it and many of us may have found and known some machines and assistive technologies in industrial 4.0 resolution, precisely in this era of digital society 5.0 there needs to be changes and new resolutions, and of course It is hoped that superior Human Resources will be present to create many new conveniences in the future. This new facility is of course also expected for all aspects of life and starts from Management as a science that adapts all aspects that need to be regulated, formulated and also implemented.


[1] Qur’an Surat Attin;4