In relation to the resolution of society 5.0, it can be implemented even when the world is experiencing the biggest problem, such as the corona virus pandemic, some people may not deny that technology can strengthen the handling of the corona virus pandemic problem, but with significant human growth it can also help the work of analysts in experimenting also finding new steps in responding to this pandemic corona virus problem, as stated in the journal [3] Which in dealing with covid-19 is still in the thought of human experimentation or control, change or implementation society 5.0 makes it possible to bring positive impacts to the community, which has cooperative experimental approach by also using good technology, and finding a sustainable world future.

In this journal [1] also argues that the existence of a resolution 5.0 industry develops new opportunities and challenges for businesses, and following up on management innovations, activities or changes in the resolution of this digital society 5.0 must be implemented by being able to produce a product. or services that real and growing.

In this study [1], it was found that in general, businesses always struggle to improve their innovation, whether they serve it for customers as well as for good business growth in the future, and the case of innovation to implement resolution 5.0 is to create good and superior human resources to meet all the needs that exist in the industry. world change and development.

In the field of agriculture which requires more human resources, because in the previous era 4.0 has been disabled by various existing technologies, this is a real gap and occurs in the agricultural sector, and a question that is also a problem from the agricultural sector itself, is how to solve the gap between human resources and technology? Of course, in this case by implementing a resolution or the era of digital society 5.0 in which there is not only technology that is developing in facilitating work in agriculture, but also the development of human resources who must continuously have new generations, so that later they will create balanced activities in agriculture.

The implementation of technology is also in the growth and develop of agricultural generations, as in the study of [2] farms robots help farmers work but sometimes when robots do work is not work as well as humans do. There is need more study and analysis to evaluate the human resource needs that are needed for the agricultural industry.

And other effects are also found in various industries, such as in the field of education, where we currently know that there is a virtual teaching and learning system and has a real change impact for every student and teacher, but it is no longer unnecessary, human resources are currently It is also often needed to meet needs in terms of especially internet access and generally in the field of technology.


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