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Students’ ability in delivering a good presentation is a requisite skill in an academic context. However, not all students are born as eloquent speakers. Many students feel nervous before doing a presentation. How do students calm their nerves before carrying out a presentation? Let’s hear from BINUSIAN 24 on how they deal with the issue! 

Nervousness is a thing that cannot be fully got rid of. My own personal trick to make myself less nervous is to breathe in and out, close my eyes and then count from one to ten. (Naufal Bominian Rasendriya)  

Claim your success before you begin the presentation by talking positively to yourself. As the saying goes “Write your own set of self-affirmations and confidently declare them. Your words will create a self-fulfilling prophecy.” (Evelyn Elvina Putri Wiratmo) 

Just relax and don’t overthink your audience reactions. Just do your presentation like how you have already practiced.(Natasha Putri Wijaya) 

Master the material that you will present. By mastering your material, you will not be afraid to misspeak or provide wrong information about your topic. You also need to dress well so you will be confident and comfortable during your presentation. (Joey El Shaddai Toreh) 

You don’t have to memorize your entire presentation, no, just remember the key points and explain that because if you memorize the entire presentation, it will only make you more nervous. (Anindita Khansa Batrisya) 

Make sure that you have already practiced your public speaking in front of the mirror so you know what kind of expressions you use. Not only focusing on your expressions, but also your body posture since it influences on how audience sees you. (Diva Adithya Uma) 

Prepare your presentation well, like learning about your future audience. Therefore, you know what you will do during the presentation. Also, be focus and control your mind as well as your emotions. (Sonia Zsa Zsa Susanto) 

You should practice more in front of your friends or family. Because by practicing more, you can get used to talking in front of an audience. (Amris Abdul Azis) 

Check the tools that you use before presentations, be confident about what you are going to say, try to think positive, imagine your presentation goals and try to achieve them. (M.Farchan Ainun Najib) 

Visit the venue one day before or as early as possible. You don’t need to throw a joke if that’s not your personality.” (Eugeneus Vincent Rachmad) 

Before doing a presentation, you need to make sure that you have already rested well. Take care not only your material, but also your physical health.” (Ken Almira Nur) 

Ensure that you always double-check the presentation materialequipment, and the stage before delivering a presentationFocus on yourself, the goal of your presentation, and the results you want to achieve in your presentation.” (Chincin Veronica) 

Doing research prior to a presentation will give presenters a boost in confidence as they have better knowledge on how to fit their presentations more. By adapting the presentation to the fruits of research such as audience characteristics and needs, the location, presentation toolsand being familiar with the setting, presenters will be able to feel more comfortable in the knowledge that the risk of accidental mishaps which may occur is minimized.” (Diptya Pinaka Herring Candraditya) 

“Think positively and confidently. Don’t let bad thoughts make you fall. Because if we think negatively, automatically our mind will be uneasy and make us nervous. We have to think that whatever is going to happen will reap good results of our countless practices.” (Raynaldi Salfischberger) 

Remember Outlining – Don’t be monotone – Improvise mood. For the outlining part, I usually do a lot of remembering on parts or points that I want to present to minimalize the possibility of me getting blanked outNext thing is to be as energetic as I possibly couldLast but not least is to improve my mood and deliver my presentation with passion.” (Ernesto Rio Mahliganri Maatita) 

Stay hydrated, keep up your excitement, spread a good vibe and say kind words to yourself in front of a mirror. “I can do this”, “I am capable of doing this”, “Today is my day”, and “Let’s do this.” These little things could build up your confidence and might improve your performance later on the stage.” (Muamar Khadafi) 

Speaking in front of mirror is not a dumb thing, but an effective training to reduce our nervousness. You can try to speak in front of a mirror and then you can go trying to speak in front of your family, friends, or someone to help you practicing with your speech.” (Daniel Ivan Yonatan) 

“During a presentation or speech, I always bring my outlines, prepare punch lines or hooks, and quotes, not only data or information. also try to speak in front of mirror, test my voice, face my nervousness, and do many other things to make my performances better. (Fidelis Gede David Rusmawan) 

Understand the materials you’re about to present to your audience. You will have less possibility to forget about your materials by understanding it. By doing so, you will be less nervous and able to deliver a great presentation. (Lydia Alvita) 

 Keep learning & Keep growing!

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Nina Amalia Nurichsania, M.Pd
English Lecturer | BINUS Malang
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