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Are you good at drawing and working with arts? Do you like to map and color your idea in your notebook? Or do you close your eyes to find and remember where you put the keysIf you experience those things, perhaps you are one of the visual learners. So, how is the characteristic and what are the learning strategies for visual learners? Let us discuss it.  

In many resources, it is mentioned that visual learners learn best from seeing the materials given. They prefer to study with the diagrams, maps, images, charts, and other visual representations other than words instruction. As a visual learner, you will tend to express yourself in design, decoration, and art. You like to organize many things, also have a good sense of direction.  

To recap the key information both from the lecturers or other resources, you can use highlighter or color-code your notes, you may create a mind map or other images on the textbook. In preparing your presentation or an examination, you can use cue cards to help you getting along with the information needed. When you study, you need to make sure that your study place is in solitude to help you concentrate more. If you study in the classroom, it is better for you to sit in front to notice about your lecturer’s explanation and see everything clearly. Those are the strategies you can use to increase your learning performance.  

Nowadays, video is not only a source of entertainment but also an education tool. Luckily, as a characteristicvideos can help the visual learners to learn fast and easy. Otherwise, the best type of test for visual learners are essays, diagramming, maps, and demonstrating a process.   

Those are some information about the Visual learners, if you find yourself in one of those characteristics, you may try the learning strategies given to support your learning.

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Lailatul Rif'ah
English Lecturer | BINUS Malang
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