During Pandemic, it is quite difficult for people to interact directly. All the activities and interaction are now in the form of digital environment, including trade and school activities. For those who are not familiar with technology, this situation might be frightening for them. Moreover, the sudden change on the way to do daily activities require them to adjust themselves in short amount of time. Those matters seem complicated if we imagine that in our reality. In facts, the digital adaptivity to become digital savvy will lead them into several benefits as the explanations below:

  1. Rapid- self Education

Engaged yourself in digital matter will help you get accustomed to work in your working environment which off course demand you to be digital savvy. It teaches you on how to interact people on online platform and how to be responsible person in the matter of keeping your persona to others.

  1. E-Commerce Expert

With the sudden change from offline trade to online trade, it pushes you to move into online marketplace. You fill find a way how your products will be wrapped in a such interesting way so that it will trigger your costumer to buy your products.

  1. Wider Network

In a common situation, sometimes our movement is limited only to our working spaces. We only interact to people who are in our surrounding. On the other hand, the sudden change of digital shift has broadened our environment. we are not limited to the space we have in our surrounding. We can interact to another people across boundaries and for sure it will broaden our connection with another partner.

  1. Productivity

Currently the workplace is no longer just a building or in the field. With advances in technology, you can work anywhere or discuss anytime with your colleagues using the internet. Applications that can help your work productivity are also available, which allows you to keep a good eye on your projects, even if you are at home or outside of the house.

In conclusion, the sudden change on being digital savvy will bring us to many benefits. At first, it seems frightening for us to be adaptive in digital changes. in facts it benefits us in many ways such as self-education, online marketplace expert, and wider connection across boundaries to support our digital network. Furthermore, the work environment that move into digital environment also ease you to monitors the project anytime.