Anindya Widita, B.A.., M.A

Hello, everyone! How have you all been? Have you been taking care of yourself? Have you spent time with your loved ones enough?

The world has been going a really tough time the past few months. Some people have managed to have things in control, the rest may not be as lucky. Many people are struggling. Many industries were hit with the impact.

Students. Employees. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Whatever it is you do; I am sure people have to work out a way to adjust with this new lifestyle. Some of you may have discovered a new side of yourself that you did not know exist before.  Some may have found a new hobby or interest. However, even if you still feel like you have yet to figure out what works or if you’re currently going through a tough time, it is also fine.

As some of us may have seen, this period has given opportunity for people to think more, to make more effort, as well as to create more. There have been many new, unique creation or content posted, from dishes to arts, a result of staying home and trying to be productive.  On the other side, many find themselves having to work even harder, to study harder to catch up with many assignments and independent learning they are not used to. For some, it could be blessing in disguise, but for others, it can be challenging, physically and mentally.

We’ve been seeing others make use of the what-used-to-be rare (but no longer) free time into something exciting and productive for example experimenting with baking, gardening, decorating or exercising more. In turn, they also have more new content to share through their social media account. Some even managed to turn it into a money-making activity by selling their artworks or homemade cook.

We can say that it is only one bright side that came out of this trying time, and that it does not mean everyone can get by with doing it, because of course, people are different and live a different life too. What I am trying to say is that, everyone feels differently to any change that is happening, but each of that feeling is valid. If you feel like this period has brought something new, something more positive for your life and wellbeing, that’s great! However, if by some reasons, you feel like it is getting harder to manage, or that you are losing time and energy by working or studying or trying too much, do take time to slow down a little. Life is not a race. We just have to keep trying while at the same time appreciate the time and opportunity that we still have. Things will work out eventually.