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Random Model Arrangement Geometric Shapes

Font or typeface or the other that we often refer to as letters are one of the most important elements in Graphic Design, because letters are a universal form to deliver visual forms into a form of language. The letter itself is a visual form that is sounded as a verbal communication need. Fonts are more easily categorized into 2 parts, namely serif and san serif. Put simply, we can conclude that the serif type is an old type font, while san serif is more modern and simplistic. Nowadays, people more often like simple fonts and attract attention. But not a few people that also like the beauty of the font that has a style or unique characteristics. People like to write something that is easy to read and clearly seen by the eye. But it also needs to have rhythm, and contrast in order to can be read by everyone.

Creativity is one of the development element of several things in this world. Similarly, fonts are becoming more numerous and varied every day. People can develop the past as well as just now in creating new things. Many things can be created from it, for example is the experimental font. This experimental font was created because of the creativity that forms various font shapes without having to pay too much attention to the layout, but rather to its material elements. Experimental font functions more to the decoration or beauty, rather than the function to read because the shape is sometimes not easily read and seen. The form of the experimental font is not limited in any case, because it matches the meaning of the experiment, which is to create a new result, a new discovery, and the facts of something.

I like some random things, so I make these fonts not straightforward. I tried to make an experimental font with a simple impression. I adjust the fact that people now prefer things that are simple and nice to look at. I made several alternative fonts where I implanted an unusual and asymmetrical style. I made this experimental font which indirectly tells me that the experimental font is indeed similar to the decorative font, but the decorative font should be more showing its font and decoration rather than these fonts.

I made this font based on geometric shapes, but that is not symmetrical. I made this with a random model arrangement. I didn’t use the colors in this font, but overall I gave a classic impression.

This font made from something random. I use black and white and several well-known colors to support the shape of this font. I made this font shape like some parts of the damaged color palette complement, so the various colors mixed and blended to form asymmetrical colors between the sides.

I made this font using sans serif font type and it is memorable as a contemporary experimental font. This font use white base color with an effect like an illusion on the back of this font by magenta red and light blue to give the impression of illusion. I cut some parts of the font that were approved randomly and correctly it is according to the estimation to be like this.

This experimental font is made from the helvetica font that I divided and I gave a red and purple color effect behind it for a dark impression. I made this experimental font with a black color with an asymmetrical impression of a font that we usually see in full daily life.

The word “CRAZY” that I use I want to use as an abbreviation of Creative And Amazing Youth. Which means that the modern generation of children is increasingly becoming creative and extraordinary in the present.

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Andi Wiharja Abadi – 2201766816

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Cahyaning Umul Chasanah Nursyifani, S.T., M.Ds.
Subject Content Specialist | BINUS @Malang
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