As you can see in the upside. This is my experimental typography and this type face is inspired by geometrical shape such as triangle, round, rectangle, polygonal and half round, lines, and any other geometric shape. I choose a geometric shape even though its kinda common as we can find it so much on the internet but somehow I still wanna make a geometric shape one and take it as my experimental font. I didn’t change much of the real shape of the geometric shape, like you can see the A font is still triangle and M,T,H also still triangle. I  want to keep it in shape to still looks “geometric”, just try to fit it in with the alphabet shape. Or the similarity with the typeface. Even tho its rectangular and triangle but people could still read it as MATH. I choose math as the word because when the first time I made this typeface I wanted to use it in the educational post or something related to science or math or technology.

Those are my inspiration to make this new experimental typography. You can see that the examples are using the real geometric shape and didnt change much except adding some lines or ornament to make it looks like an alphabet and able to read as a geometric font. And also those examples are using soft and pastel color for their font and I don’t really like a soft color for the theme I chose (retro modern technology science and such). And of course I have to change the color as the theme I chose. And in that case, I’m using “retro” color and “neon” color for my experimental font. The neon color try to emphasize the alphabet to show what alphabeth is this. Im using neon and retro color pallete  Because I wanna make it looks “modern” and “retro” and also could be related to technology. And glowing in the dark would be good choice for this font either.

And these are the color pallete I took for this experimental font.

And you can see from my inspired font im taking color such as blue, pink, purple, magenta, light pink, neon blue as the example I given and I took it as my color palete. I wanted that my font could work like the example, as a neon box light for a title in a shop or any modern retro places and it could have some lights too.

And there is a little bit problems. I found it is quite hard to make a typeface the lowercase typeface from this experimental font that I created, since the lowercase font usually more rounded than the uppercase one, so I haven’t added the lowercase font yet because I kinda confused what geometric shape that fit enough for the lowercase one, but probably my lowercase just changed the size of the typeface only. Make the lowercase smaller than the uppercase one.


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