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Geometric and Nirmana Experimental Typography

The concept that I have taken for Typographical Poster is Geometrical. For that kind of poster I will make use of geometrical shape as a square, circle and triangle. But in this concept I am more inclined to use the circle so that the curve could be seen clearly. My technique in making the geometrical font is by cutting the circle into several parts . I will cut the circle into the shape of half circle or quarters and join them by using pathfinder which is in adobe illustrator. In addition to that, I also use a square which I cut into several parts so that the cut parts can be seen and the empty space as well.

I also use technique of reflection in transform adobe illustrator to turn over and over the position of the letters whose form are relatively the same. The letter “ d “ and “ g “ for example. The letter “ d “ can be reflected in an angle of 180 degrees to be a letter “ g ‘ in which I can add another element for the tail of the curve of the letter. I also then make use of the same object like a letter  “ I “ which I use as the element of the other letters which have upright element.

From a geometrical circle we could make some letters which are actually could be made from a circle  and really need dominant curve form. The letter “ e “ and “ s “ for example. Unconsciously that kind of letters could be made from a circle only. That is why I am interested to take the concept. The first reason I use this concept is that I could add special rhythm and beauty in geometrical structure which I make. The other reason is to make the shape not too stiff and I add beautiful curve gesture in applying some techniques I use.

I make use of white space to make empty space and its white space form to show the technique of pathfinder which I use. I also add some elements such as row of lines which appear in the form of black and white Nirmana and use it to fill the empty space in the letter that I make to make the letter more impressive.

My reason to join the two concepts is to make the letters look complicated but actually the letters are really simple and could be guessed easily. By this concept I want to make an experiment with stiff construction and how to make them smooth and more attractive. And I also use little eye illusion of Nirmana in the letter I make.

For color concept, I will try to join pop color or bright color for the  geometric shape and black white color for Nirmana.  I will also make my work more geometrical abstract. In this concept I will make the stiff form more expressive in joining some objects which I use in my poster. My poster still use the same concept that I use in letters above : geometrical and Nirmana.

Another technique that I will use is Opacity. According to me, Opacity is important in my concept because it will make my creation looks like a mound of several elements. It is also useful to fill the empty space and manage  the level of background transparency and the other elements. The level of Opacity  will be adjusted to the joining of some objects in my creation. Usually I use the Opacity level of 5 multiple. The Opacity that I make will be in the same concept I have explained ( Geometric and Nirmana concept ).

I will use irregular structure for the letter ( in size ) and I will use the space available to arrange the letters to be some words. If it is possible, I will also use perspective to make the eye illusion more impressive and support the Nirmana and geometric element. This concept of geometrical typography will show that letters are not just letters. By using technique, elements, arts and creativity we could produce another new beautiful and live letters. Letters have their own arts. Not  only to communicate with letters but letters could communicate themselves by their shape and characters to deliver some meanings.


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Natasha Frida Beatrice- 2201807646

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Lutfi Tri Atmaji, S.T., M.Sn
Lecturer Specialist | BINUS @Malang
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