Many people in Indonesia might think that grammar is the most difficult part of English to learn. They sometimes are not motivated and feel afraid to learn English when it comes to grammar. Without knowing the reasons, they say that it is too difficult and even say that mastering the grammar of English is impossible for them.

Is it possible for us to master English without mastering the grammar? the answer might be yes, but for the scientific field of teaching and learning English, that matter will “harm” the flow of language acquisition. Before the process of uttering the language, people are required to understand the grammar or structure of the English This happens because grammar lays as the foundation of someone in mastering English. It makes someone easy to speak and write correctly or even it will smoothen the language being produced. The mastery of English also can be measured using grammar in their speaking and writing. Furthermore, many people who want to study and work overseas, they are required to master English on the higher level. They inevitably are required to join the test of standardized English such as ToEFL, ToEIC, IELTS, and many other English tests where the mastery of grammar will be highly demanded in order to pass the tests well.

Grammar also plays influential role in all aspects of English. In speaking and listening for example, the use of grammar in communication, regardless the country and the language of it, will help the better understanding of the communication. People will be considered more professional and the information delivered through the correct grammar will be easier to understand as how the communication supposed to be. Moreover, the delivery of information which does not use the grammar will only lead to confusion and misunderstanding. As the result, the communication will not run well between speaker and listener.

Beside speaking and listening, mastering the grammar in writing is a must. If the author uses incorrect grammar on his writing, the reader will be confused in understanding the information stated in the text. On the other hand, the reader should also master the grammar in order to understand better the text which was written by the author. Thus, the mastery of grammar between the author and reader of the text will ease the transfer of information through the writing of the author.

In conclusion, the importance of grammar refers to the use of our communication goals. It is a must for us to master the grammar if we want to pass the test of English such as ToEFL, ToEIC, and IELTS. Furthermore, the use of grammar for the author in his writing will give the clarity for the readers to understand the information on the text. As well as the reader need to master the grammar so that the information from the author will be understood easier.