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Apollo font is a font that tries to elevate characters from outer space and the god of Apollo, the god of light and music whose fonts are simplified, clear. for the space theme, I set the color of the galaxy to be the mood board for the Apollo font. This theme is actually intended for the song Apollo which was released in 2018. This song was performed by 100% pure with Cenji and Juu as the vocalist.

Apollo is the god of light, music, archer, medicine, sun, and poet in Greek mythology and Roman mythology. Apollo is also a god of prophecy, and gives his blessing to oracles, so they can read the future. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and Artemis’s twin sister. The oracle in Delphi is very famous. Many people from all over Greece visited his oracle to find out about their future. In Etruscan mythology, he was known as Apollo. Apollo was worshiped both by the ancient Greeks and by the ancient Romans.

He has a bow made of gold. Salam trees, crows, and dolphins are saved for him. Treatment and healing were attributed to him or to his son, Asklepios (god of medicine), because Apollo was seen as a god who brought health, plague. As a god of music, Apollo is the leader of the Muse (goddess of music and singing). Hermes created the lira for Apollo and the instrument became an important attribute of Apollo. The hymns sung to Apollo are called Paian. In ancient Greece, especially in the third century BC, he was associated with Helios (Sun god) and his sister, Artemis, was associated with Selene (moon goddess).

In modern times, there is an opinion that the name Apollo comes from the name of the god from the mythology of Hurria and Hittis, Aplu, which was worshiped during the “plague period”. [4] Aplu itself comes from the Akkadian mythology, Aplu Enlil, meaning “son of Enlil”, a title given to the god Nergal, which is associated with Shamash, the Babylonian Sun god.

In astronomy, the name Apollo became the name of the NASA program on the moon, the Apollo program in the 1960s. Apollo is also the name of one of the craters in the southern part of the far side of the moon. An asteroid that was first discovered by Karl Reinmuth in 1932 was given the name 1862 Apollo.

album design of the song ‘Apollo’

While for the Apollo song, which was released in 2018, it was an electric genre, dance. which is sung with EDM which adds to the feel of outer space. Apollo song contains about a friendship that finds distance. but one of them hopes their relationship is more than just friends. The meaning can already be implied through the lyrics:

Always I’m gonna be there
You’re never gonna miss me again
My love for you is ice-clear
Think of me as more than a friend

This Apollo font can be used as an art-techno fest font, an event for astronomy students. event for astronomy, etc. and for my main purpose, I’m using this Apollo font to redesign the cover of the Apollo Pure 100% song.

Sketch of the Apollo font

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