Interior Design (Bandung) is a multidiscipline major which specializes in interior consultants and construction creative businesses that intend to increase diversity due to change market factors and professional practices. Furthermore, we enhance our students to respond to the boundaries in a way to extend the purposeful innovative, and creative industries of Interior Design.

Interior Design (Bandung) BINUS University is supported by lecturers with industry experience. Our students will experience real-world project flow as they advanced through their courses in this major, such as planning, research, and designing processes. Our students will learn how to apply technology, culture, business, and environmental aspects in their designs.

In Interior Design (Bandung) department, students will be encouraged to implement several aspects as the way to solve problems regarding the construction and aesthetical elements in Interior design. Students are prepared to excel in preparing interior concept design, planning, and presenting a professional visualization for their interior projects for residential, retail, office, hotel, and other public spaces. Techno-design curriculum in our program allows students to comprehend the usage of technology in the learning process. Students will gain basic and advanced Computer-Aided knowledge to accommodate challenges to compete as a professional interior designer in the future.

Interior design (Bandung)’s graduates of BINUS University will become future interior designers professionally. They are well-equipped to work in a global firm or become creative entrepreneurs. They will be able to compete with other professionals in the industry.