Development and Optimization of Product Using Digital Technology for Community Welfare in Covid – 19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many countries, including Indonesia. Covid-19 has had an impact on various industries including micro, small and medium enterprises, including a decline in sales. Community service activities aim to provide guidance for overcoming these effects through the use and management of appropriate digital media. Through the use and management of digital media, it is hoped that business participants can determine the correct type of digital media for the products being sold, thereby increasing public awareness and interest in the products. The method used is to use Zoom Meeting for virtual training. The materials for this event are the use and management strategies of digital media, optimizing digital marketing and product branding to improve the ability to create interesting content, promote and serve as an alternative media for service companies. The digital media used include Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, GrabFood/Go-Food, Tokopedia and other platforms. the results of the event showed that the training and guidance provided had a positive impact on business participants, increased their understanding of digital media, increased their understanding of various usable media, and improved their skills in using and managing digital media. Digital media in brand promotion. The recommendations that can be communicated are the existence of sustainability plans for business participants so that they can best implement and manage digital media.  

The lack of mass liquidity in the market will definitely affect the promotion rate and thus the sales level. To overcome this, online marketing through the media is the right step that business participants must take. One of the steps that SMEs participants can take is to optimize digital marketing, especially in improving social media marketing, online advertising, video marketing, search engine marketing, and website management. Through digital marketing, SMEs participants are expected to increase sales and online participation during the Covid-19 pandemic to grow their business scale. based on the various problems encountered by SMEs partners, it can be concluded that they need help and training in digital/online marketing and how to promote the partner’s product brand to the wider market. In order to increase the sales and income of SMEs partners, product brands and good marketing strategies are required. Therefore, efforts are being made to restore and increase the sales and income of SMEs partners, that is, by providing help and training in product branding and online/digital marketing marketing strategies (online platform marketing). Coaching and training activities are conducted online through Zoom Meetings (KC, SA, NK, CS, NR).

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