Bina Nusantara University encourages its lecturer to contribute to the 17 SDG points through research and continuous innovation. Faculty members (FMs) can include the SDG Research Publication Keywords [1] in related publications for global development goals.

  • Please add the SDG Keywords to the titles, abstracts, and/or keywords (e.g., SDG 1 = extreme poverty, SDG 3 = malaria)
  • One publication can have multiple SDGs (e.g., SDG 1, SDG3)

Thank you.

> Download the SDG Research Publication Keywords here (excel file).

SDG Research Publication Keywords
1 extreme poverty, poverty alleviation, poverty eradication, poverty reduction, international poverty line, financial aid, poverty, financial aid, poor, financial aid, north-south divide, financial development, poverty, financial empowerment, distributional effect, distributional effects, child lab, child labour, development aid, social protection, social protection system, social protection, microfinance, resilience of the poor, safety net, poor, vulnerable, economic resource, economic resources, food bank, food banks
2 land tenure rights, smallholder, farm, festry, pastal, agriculture, fishery, food producer, food producers, malnourished, malnutrition, undernourish, undernutrition, agricultural production, agricultural productivity, agricultural practices, agricultural management, food production, food productivity, food security, food insecurity, land right, land rights, land reform, land reforms, resilient agricultural practices, agriculture, potassium, fertilizer, food nutrition improvement, hidden hunger, genetically modified food, gmo, food, agrofestry practices, agrofestry management, agricultural innovation, food security, genetic diversity, food market, nth south divide, development governance, food governance, food supply chain, food value chain, food commodity market, disease
3 human, health, disease, illness, medicine, mortality, battered child syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular diseases, chagas, child abuse, child neglect, child, youth well-being index, child wellbeing index, water bne disease, tropical disease, chronic respiratory disease, infectious disease, sexually transmitted disease,communicable disease, aids, hiv, human immunodeficiency virus, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, polio, vaccine, cancer, diabetes, maternal mortality, child mortality, childbirth complications, neonatal mortality, premature mortality, infant mortality, quality adjusted life year, maternal health, preventable death, tobacco control, substance abuse, drug abuse, tobacco use, alcohol use, substance addiction, drug addiction, tobacco addiction, alcoholism, suicide, postnatal depression, zika virus, dengue, schistosomiasis, sleeping sickness, ebola, mental health, mental disder, mental illness, mental illnesses, measles, neglected disease, diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, traffic accident, healthy lifestyle, life expectancy, health policy, health system, health risk, inclusive health, obesity, social determinants of health, psychological harm, psychological wellbeing, public health
4 school, education, educational, school attendance, school enrollment, inclusive education, educational inequality, education quality, educational enrolment, educational enrollment, adult literacy, numeracy rate, educational environment, educational access, development aid, teacher training, early childhood education, basic education, affordable education, educational financial aid, school safety, safety in school, learning opptunities, gender disparities, empowerment, learning opportunity, gender disparities, empowerment, youth empowerment, women empowerment, equal opportunities, child labour, child lab, discriminaty, educational inequality, educational gap, poverty trap, schooling, special education needs, inclusive education system, schooling, gender disparities, ethnic disparities, racial disparities, education exclusion, education dropouts, global citizenship, sustainable development education, environmental education, education policy, educational policies, international education, educational refm, developing countries, educational governance, developing countries, school effects, education expenditure, feign aid, teacher training, developing countries, teacher attrition, health literacy
5 gender inequality, gender equality, employment equity, gender wage gap, female lab force participation, female labour force participation, women labour force participation, womens employment, female employment, women’s unemployment, female unemployment,      access family planning services, forced marriage, child marriage, forced marriages, child marriages, occupational segregation, women’s empowerment, girls empowerment, female empowerment, female genital mutilation, female genital cutting, domestic violence, women  violence, girl violence, sexual violence, unpaid work, gender inequality, unpaid care wk, gender inequality, women’s political participation, female political participation, female managers, women in leadership, female leadership, intra-household allocation, access    reproductive healthcare, honour killing, hon killing, honour killings, hon killings, antiwomen, anti-women, feminism, misogyny, female infanticide, female infanticides, human trafficking, fced prostitution, equality sexual rights, reproductive rights, divorce rights, women’s rights, gender injustice, gender injustices, gender discrimination, gender disparities, gender gap, female exploitation, household equity, female political participation, women’s underrepresentation, female entrepreneurship, female ownership, women’s economic development, women’s power, gender-responsive budgeting, gender quota, feign aid, women’s empowerment, gender segregation, gender-based violence, gender participation, female politician, female leader, contraceptive behaviour, women’s autonomy, agrarian feminism, microfinance, women’s livelihood, women’s ownership, female smallholder, gender mainstreaming
6 Safe, water access, drinking water, clean, drinking water, water source, water, sanitation hygiene, quality, resource, water availability, water-use efficiency, water supply, water supplies, clean water, hygienic toilets, antifouling membrane, anti-fouling membrane, water management, aquatic toxicology, water toxicology, aquatic ecotoxicology, water ecotoxicology, fresh water, water quality, pollutant, pollution, contamination freshwater, water security, water shortage, waste water, treatment, wastewater, treatment, water conservation, water footprint, water infrastructure, water pollution, water purification, water use, sanitary  sewer water, ecosystem, endocrine disrupt, marine, water management, pollution remediation, pollutant removal, groundwater, ground water, freshwater, water pollution, water pollutant, waste water, treatment waste water, fresh water availability, water scarcity, open defecation, blue water, green water, grey water, black water, global burden of disease study
7 energy efficiency, energy consumption, energy transition, clean energy technology, energy equity, energy justice, energy poverty, energy policy, renewable 2000 Watt society, smart micro-grid, smart grid, smart meter, affordable electricity, electricity consumption, reliable electricity, clean fuel, clean cooking fuel, fuel poverty, energiewende, life cycle assessment, photochemistry, renewable energy, photovoltaic, photocatalytic water splitting, hydrogen production, water splitting, lithium-ion batteries, heat network, district heating, residential energy consumption, domestic energy consumption, energy security, rural electrification, energy ladder, energy access, energy conservation, low-carbon society, hybrid renewable energy system, hybrid renewable energy systems, fuel switching, foreign development aid, renewable energy, energy governance, official development assistance, electricity, energy development, developing countries, wireless sens network, wireless sensor networks
8 economic growth, economic development policy, employment policy, inclusive economic growth, sustainable growth, economic development, economic globalization, economic globalisation, economic productivity, low-carbon economy, inclusive growth, microfinance, micro-credit, equal income, equal wages, decent job, quality job, job creation, full employment, employment protection, informal employment, precarious employment, unemployment, precarious job, micro enterprise, small enterprise, medium enterprise, starting entrepreneur, medium entrepreneur, small entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship, safe working environment, labour market institution, forced labour, child labour, labour right, modern slavery, human trafficking, child soldier, global jobs, living wage, minimum wage, circular economy, inclusive economy, rural economy, Foreign Development Investment, Aid for Trade, trade unions, working poor, Employment, Training, carbon offset, offset project, economic diversification, material footprint, resource efficiency, cradle to cradle, economy, economic decoupling, labour market disparities, sustainable tourism, ecotourism, community-based tourism, tourism employment, sustainable tourism policy, financial access, financial inclusion, access to banking
9 industrial growth, industrial diversification, infrastructural development, infrastructural investment, public infrastructure, resilient infrastructure, transborder infrastructure, public infrastructures, resilient infrastructures, transborder infrastructures, industrial emissions, mitigation industrial, waste management, industrial waste treatment, traffic congestion, microenterprise, small enterprise, medium enterprise, small entrepreneur, medium entrepreneur, value chain management, broadband access, developing countries, manufacturing innovation, manufacturing investment, sustainable transportation, accessible transportation, transportation services, inclusive transportation, R&D investment, green product, green products, sustainable manufacturing, cradle to cradle, industry closed loop supply chain, industrial innovation process innovation, product innovation, inclusive innovation
10 equality economic financial socio-economic, inequality economic financial socio-economic, economic reform policy, political inclusion, social protection policy, immigration, chemistry disease biodiversity emigration, chemistry disease biodiversity, foreign direct investment, development gap, migrant remittance, responsible migration, migration policy, migration policies, nth-south divide, developing tariffs, tariff, zero-tariff, duty-free access, social exclusion, economic marginalination, income inequality, discriminaty law, discriminaty policies, discriminaty policy, economic empowerment, economic transfmation, global market, empowerment
11 city, human settlement, urban    metropolitan, town    municipality, gentrification, congestion, transportation, public transportation, housing slum, sendai framework, Disaster Risk Reduction, DRR, smart city, smart cities, resilient building, sustainable building, building design, urbanization, zero energy building, basic service, governance, citizen participation, collabative planning, participaty planning, inclusiveness, cultural heritage, natural heritage, UNESCO, disaster, ecological footprint, environmental footprint, waste, pollution, pollutant, waste water, recycling, circular economy, air quality, green space, green spaces, nature inclusive, nature inclusive building
12 environmental pollution, hazardous waste, hazardous chemical, toxic chemical, chemical pollution, ozone depletion, pesticide pollution, pesticide stress, pesticide reduction, life cycle assessment, life cycle analysis, low carbon economy, environmental footprint, material footprint, harvest efficiency, solid waste, waste generation, corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability, consumer behaviour, waste recycling, resource recycling, resource reuse, biobased economy, zero waste, sustainability label, global resource extraction, material flow accounting, societal metabolism, food spill, resource spill, resource efficiency, sustainable food consumption, green consumption, sustainable supply chain, circular economy, cradle to cradle, sustainable procurement, sustainable tourism, fossil-fuel subsidies, fossil-fuel expenditure, sustainability label, sustainability labelling, consumption resource use, spill production resource use, spill, wireless sensor network, wireless sensor networks, wireless network, wireless, disease, astrophysics
13 climate action, climate adaptation, climate change, climate capitalism, ipcc, climate effect, climate equity, climate feedback, climate finance, climate change financing, climate forcing, climate governance, climate impact, climate investment, climate justice, climate mitigation, climate model, climate models, climate modeling, climate modelling, climate policy, climate policies, climate risk, climate risks, climate services, climate service, climate prediction, climate predictions, climate signal, climate signals, climate tipping point, climate variation, climate variations, ecoclimatology, eco-climatology, Green Climate Fund, regional climate, regional climates, urban climate, urban climates, climate, adaptive management, awareness, bioeconomy, carbon, decision-making, disaster risk reduction, environmental education, sustainable development education, energy conservation, emission, extreme, food chain, food chains, framework, hazard, island, land use, megacit, consumption, production, small island developing states, anthropocene, atmospher, clean development mechanism, glacier retreat, warming, greenhouse, ice-ocean interaction, ice-ocean interactions, nitrogen cycle, nitrogen cycles, ocean acidification, radiative forcing, sea ice, sea level, sea levels, thermal expansion, unfccc, ozone, drug, geomorphology
14 marine, ocean, oceans, sea, seas, coast, mangrove, water cycle, water cycles, biogeochemical cycle, biogeochemical cycles, oceanic circulation model, oceanic circulation models, oceanic circulation modelling, oceanic circulation modeling, ice-ocean, eutrophicat, marine, coral bleach, coral bleaching, coastal management, coastal habitat, coastal habitats, marine debris, ocean acidification, acidification, seawater, fishery, fisheries, overfishing, sustainable yield, marine protected area, marine protected areas, marine conservation, ecotourism, community based conservation, community-based conservation, marine land slide, marine pollution, nutrient runoff, coastal ecotourism, destructive fishing, local fisheries, artisanal fishers, fisheries rights, species richness, traditional ecological knowledge, small Island development states, marine quota, marine economy, marine policy, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, radiocarbon, genetics, medicine, drug, engineering, aerosol
15 terrestrial, land, inland, freshwater, biodivers, species richness, bioeconom, bio-econom, biological production, deforest, desertif, earth system, ecological resilience, ecosystem, eco-system, trophic cascade, trophic level, trophic web, threatened species, endangered species, extinction risk, poach, wildlife product, wildlife traffic, wildlife market, wildlife trafficking, invasive species, alien species, land uses, land use, land degradation, soil degradation, LULUCF, forest, land conservation, wetland, mountain, dryland, mountainous cover, protected area, protected areas, REDD, forest management, silviculture, timber harvest, illegal logging, slash-and-burn, fire-fallow cultivation, tree cover, soil restoration, land restoration, drought, sustainable land management, mountain vegetation, habitat restoration, Red List species, Red List Index, extinction wave, habitat fragmentation, habitat loss, Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources, genetic resources, biological invasion, biodiversity-inclusive, forest stewardship council, rainforest alliance, forest certification, forest auditing, ecotourism, community-based conservation, community based conservation, human-wildlife conflict
16 actual innocence, false confession, armed conflicts, civil conflict, war, conflict, warfare, democracy, Geneva Convention, treaty, peace, peacekeeping, corruption, institution, public official, government, bribery, conflict, crime, crimes, criminal, democratic deficit, democratization, institutional, conflict, decision-making, society, politics, financial aid, ethnic conflict, exoneration, genocid, homicid, murder, human trafficking, criminal justice system, justice system, arbitrary justice, refugee, terroris, violence, torture, effective rule of law, arms flow, transparent institution, transparent institutions, good governance, legal identity for all, freedom of information, human rights institution, human rights activists, fundamental freedom, violent conflict, peaceful society, effective institution, accountable institution, inclusive institution, child abuse, arbitrary detention, unsentenced detention, judicial system, criminal tribunal, inclusive society, inclusive societies, responsive institution, responsive institutions, fair society, fair societies, legal remedy, legal remedies, independence of judiciary, independent judiciary, separation of powers, extremism, war crime, peaceful society, organized crime, illicit transfer, illicit money, arms trafficking, cybercrime, insurgence, democratic institution, political instability, political decision-making, responsive, inclusive, participatory, representative, Aarhus Convention, press freedom, freedom of speech, disease, genetics


[1] Jayabalasingham, Bamini; Boverhof, Roy; Agnew, Kevin; Klein, Lisette (2019), “Identifying research supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”, Mendeley Data, V1, doi: 10.17632/87txkw7khs.1