In selecting organic and non-organic waste, as well as reducing non-organic waste, BINUS University issued several policies. Among others are :

  • Do not use mineral drinking water bottles and replace them with tumblers and glasses (Binus rewards people who carry out the policies).
  • Restrictions on the use of styrofoam eating utensils and replacing them with other utensils
  • Limit the use of plastic bags and replace them with paper bags or goodies
  • BINUS University has an E-Recycling program (Be-Green). Namely a trash can for inorganic waste, especially made of plastic. Every plastic waste disposal will get a reward.
  • BINUS University through the School of Design department conducted a Sustainability Campaign, one of which was “From Waste to Fashion”
  • BINUS University held a workshop called “New Way of Upcycling”