Analysis of Digital Branding Strategy on Hairen’s Instagram in Increasing Awareness


The COVID-19 pandemic, which has restricted social movements in the community, has also created the emergence of self-care trends, which have driven brands of local body care products to come up in the market. In 2020, Hairen started its business during a pandemic, hence most of its digital branding activities were carried out through its Instagram account to introduce and build the brand. The purpose of this research is to investigate Hairen’s branding strategy of using Instagram to raise brand awareness and influence consumer purchase decisions. A qualitative method by study case was used for this study through an in-depth interview with selected informants, namely Hairen’s owner, social media staff, and marketing staff. Data triangulation was done to ensure its validity. According to the findings, Instagram has played a significant role in increasing brand awareness for Hairen since its inception. Influencer marketing and content marketing are among the strategies implemented to develop awareness, supported by interactive content design. Hairen should further maximize the function of Instagram and boost customer involvement and engagement to reach top-of-mind brand awareness.
Paragraf di atas merupakan paper dari Amirullah Salsabila Ekky Savitri – 2201766974 yang terbit dan terindeks pada 2023 International Conference On Cyber Management And Engineering (CyMaEn).
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