Public Relations Study Program aimed at those who are willing to learn creating and maintaining positive image and reputation of a product, personal, organization and company. Through various courses that combine the theory of communication and practice, Public Relations Study Program designed to produce a public relations practitioner who has a deep analytical ability, capable of designing the brand-building strategies, having professional communication skills and establishing good relationships with various parties, mastering digital communication technology and being able to compete in the global era.

The study Program curriculum offers a 2 + 1 + 1 program that provides students with 2 years of experience in Malang Campus, 1 year in Jakarta Campus, and 1-year professional experience such as an Internship, Building a start-up business, Research, Community Development and Study Abroad.


To become a nationally recognized and global Public Relations Study Program in the development and implementation of Public Relations integrated with digital and creative technology by promoting local and national cultural wisdom.

The mission of S1 Public Relations study Program is:
1. To provide innovative and creative educational programs to achieve the knowledge, skills, and  attitudes required in Public Relations.
2. To be an international research center that emphasizes scientific and technological development in Public Relations.
3. Provide added value for local and international community through the implementation of Tri Dharma activities in the field of Public Relations study.

Program Objective
The objectives of the program are to produce practitioners and leaders who have ethical, credibility, and professionalism to improve the quality of life of Indonesia based on cultural values and wisdom of local and national cultures.
1. To prepare students with theoretical and technical skills in line with the public relations industry.
2. To prepare students with critical thinking, analysis, and strategic planning skills to succeed in a public relations career.
3. To prepare students with the ability to build relationships with various organizations.
4. To prepare students with the right information and communication technology skills in the field of public relations.
5. To prepare students with managerial skills and entrepreneurship.
6. To equip students with a lifelong spirit of learning.

Prospective Career of the Graduates
Public Relations Study Program offers extensive industrial fields with prospective careers such as: Public Relations Executive, Public Relations Consultant, Strategic Planner, Spoke Person Expert, Branding and Social Media Strategist, Influencer, Event Planner and Consultant, Marketing Communication, Campaign Expert


Public Relations Study Program has Digital Public Relations streaming, which is focus on the skill of composing and implementing branding activities by utilizing technology and various digital platforms.

Academic Degree
Sarjana Ilmu Komunikasi (S.I.Kom.)

Public Relations Study Program consists of 146 credits, divided into 8 semesters. Our 2+1+1 curriculum provides three-years (2+1) of study on campus which will strengthen student’s academic qualities. Meanwhile, the one-year enrichment program of professional/international experience will fortify student’s soft-skills. In order to ensure the quality of our graduates, we collaborate with various national industries, government and non-profit organizations through guest lecturing/sharing sessions/seminars, Global Learning System (GLS), joint projects, field trips, etc. Our teaching and learning process are also supported by various class models such as Regular Class, Creative Class, Smart Class and an integrated laboratory such as Public Relations and Conference Laboratory, MAC Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Photography Laboratory, etc