Utilizing rattan waste of furniture industry in Desa Trangsan, Sukoharjo

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0110236 Volume: Author: Bambang Kurniawan; D. A. Sekarningrum; G. Nugrahadi; I. Samri Publisher: AIP PUBLISHING Year: 2023 Link: https://pubs.aip.org/aip/acp/article-abstract/2594/1/030010/2884580/Utilizing-rattan-waste-of-furniture-industry-in

To Raw material crisis proves as a serious problem which rattan industry in Desa Trangsan, Sukoharjo is facing recently. To meet its increasing demand, especially for export, this problem must be solved. Utilizing waste material of rattan is not only an effort to solve the problem, but it also has an impact on sustainability of the industry. The purposes of this paper are to explore rattan material in Desa Trangsan, Sukoharjo, as well as to analyze the cycle of its furniture making. The research method used are literature study, observation, and structured interviews with qualitative approach. The results showed that rattan industry in Desa Trangsan has a huge potential to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. Starting from saving primary material usage management, creating secondary products as well as increasing product quality and range. The utilization proves to have positive impact on innovation and sustainable industry development. This activity has directed the rattan industry to maintain the raw material for rattan, so that the goal is “Zero Waste”