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About Interior Design Program


Interior Design Program in Bina Nusantara (Campus Malang) is intended for those who have an interest in interior design creative. We prepare graduates to become designers who have the ability to problem-solving, teach knowledge, and give experience in designing on a scale of private housing to public spaces. Through various subjects designed to adapt to the latest technology, and combining theory and practical knowledge, our graduates will be qualified to design from a scale of housing to hospitality, business, furniture, and interior accessories. Graduates are able to master the latest technology in interior design and have the capability to compete globally.


Becoming a world-class Interior Design Program by producing interior designer graduates who have the power to carry the nation’s culture, and flexibility in the technology and information era.


  1. Interior Design Program, Bina Nusantara University have a mission to contribute to the Global community through of world-class education standard by:
  2. Educate students with basic interior skills, which promotes the preservation of national culture, flexible with the application of the latest technology by preparing the best learning facilities for students.
  3. Preparing students who can independently uphold ethics, local cultural heritage values, and entrepreneurial spirit that will contribute positively to the global community.
  4. Recognize and appreciate the creativity of students as self-development in the interior design field.
  5. Improving the quality of life for local and international communities by meeting the needs of the interior user community from the scale of private to public areas.
  6. Make creative interior design a problem-solving and professional service that focuses on science application in society.

Program Objective

  • To provide students with innovative and creative design abilities, especially in eco design and local content, by using the latest technology and approaches.
  • To provide students with design abilities and knowledge, ranging from fundamental principles to applied skills and abilities.
  • To prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge of interior design that enables them to become an entrepreneur or a professional in a global environment.
  • To prepare students with interdisciplinary approaches and collaborative abilities by the application of the latest technology to accommodate the smart living lifestyle in the future

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates will be:

  • Able to arrange interior concepts based on human behavior, technical aspect, and values related to interior design.
  • Able to design an interior concept independently both manually and digitally to fulfill user community needs for residential to public space projects based on design theory, user need study, and interior design problems.
  • Able to design thematic interior elements (furniture, wall, ceiling, and floor) based on technical characteristics and material aesthetics.
  • Able to produce interior design planning as a proposed problem solving and fulfill community needs that are accountable and qualified in function, aesthetic, construction, and meaningful.
  • Able to communicate ideas in a visual language that is communicative and informative.