Past and Present: Locality to Modernity Product Diversification by Using 3D Printing and Predictive Analysis as a Revitalization Strategy for Mojokerto Brass Heritage

DOI: - Volume: Author: IB Ananta Wijaya, Ira Audia Agustina, Tiara Ika Widia Primadani, Bambang Kartono Kartono Publisher: SSRN Year: 2020 Link:


The brass craftsmen community in Bejijong Village, Mojokerto is a proof of the historic existence of a group of craftsmen that existed since Majapahit Era (1293-1500) until now. Although they still can fulfill some product demand from domestic and foreign market, its existence has been eroded by modernity and the loss successor for their expertise knowledge in traditional brass processing. Therefore, this study aims to maximize the use of 3D printing technology as a tool to effective product modelling and negative mold in traditional brass craftsmen community and the use of IoT as a strategy to learn about market trends in order to revitalize brass craftmanship products in Bejijong Village, so that they have higher competitiveness in global market. This study using experimental method with the use of 3D Printing and Digital Modelling, and market trend research using predictive analysis with IoT-based data processing. Through this research, the result showing effective usability of digital technology and IoT-based data processing will be able to help this brass craftsmen-community improving their competitiveness in global market and to keep up with latest trends. This research is expected to be applied to help other traditional craftsmen in facing technology advances.


Keywords: locality, modernity, 3D printing, revitalization, brass