Maximizing Small Spaces Using Smart Portable Desk for Online Learning Purpose

DOI: 10.1109/ICISS53185.2021.9533209 Volume: Author: Andi Pramono; Ida Bagus Ananta Wijaya; Bambang Kartono Kurniawan Publisher: IEEE 2021 International Conference on ICT for Smart Society (ICISS) Year: 2021 Link:


Limited land needs in the urban area result in a two-storey house and vertical housing method to solve the city’s residents needs. To maximize the space remaining in the house and apartment by placing multifunction furniture to accommodate user activities. The pandemic in early 2020 forced almost everyone to work from home, including lecturers, to give distance learning. Thus, it needs a portable desk that can move from one place to somewhere else at home and be inserted in some parts of the house without building additional space. The methodology in this research departs from an existing movable desk in the office that simplified its shape for home use. Furthermore, supplementing a survey on SOD lecturer of BINUS University to improve the design results on the table. Results of the research can be used for all lecturers who use a particular desk for distance learning purpose.