Business Creation Study Program is designed in particular to shape future creative and innovative entrepreneurs. Business Creation study program will introduce students to the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a blueprint for the ideas and strategies to turn an idea into a viable venture. Students will learn to develop core capabilities of idea generation and opportunity discovery, resource acquisition and entrepreneurial management, assessing financial feasibility, and constructing business models. Students will also have hands-on experience of forming teams, building networks with partners, conducting market research, and launching a new venture.
The study program curriculum offers a 2 + 1 + 1 program that provides students with 2 years of experience in Malang Campus, 1 year in Jakarta Campus, and 1 year business experience in building a start-up business through Enrichment Program – Entrepreneurship Track.

To be a a creative and innovative study program that is recognized nationally and globally

1. Organizing teaching, learning, and research that emphasizes excellence in the discovery of knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
2. Producing entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative, have a strong soul, have integrity, can work in teams, and can compete globally.
3. Improving the quality of life of the Indonesian people through community service programs and professional services based on the application of entrepreneurship science in the industrial sector and creative endeavors.

Program Objectives
1. Enriching the scientific field of entrepreneurship that prioritizes creativity and innovation.
2. Equipping students with knowledge, skills and research in the field of entrepreneurship that is integrated with information and communication technology.
3. Develop entrepreneurial science and practice in Indonesia based on local wisdom by producing quality, creative, innovative graduates who are able to run new businesses and face global competition.

Student Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be
1. able to identify management and business fundamentals concept to support organization or business competitiveness
2. able to formulate ideas for creative and innovative new business opportunities (start-up business)
through market validation
3. able to design business models by considering market segmentation, value offered, distribution
channels, customer relations, main business activities, key business partners, main suppliers, cost
structures, and revenue stream.
4. able to create business plan through identification of marketing, operational, resource, financial,
market, risk, and competitor aspects
5. able to practice a business in accordance with the business idea formulation, business opportunities,
business models, and business plans.
6. able to develop a business that is indicated by increasing profit, human resource management, and
business network
7. able to implement potential and local value to create creative business which supports local and
national economic activity
8. able to integrate information and communication technology in improving self-performance and
increasing business activities.

Prospective Career of the Graduates
There are many fields of career for graduates, including but not limited to:
1. Entrepreneur
2. Intrapreneur
3. Business Developer
4. Business Planner
5. Small Business Consultant

Academic Degree
Sarjana Bisnis (S.Bns)

The Business Creation Study Program curriculum is uniquely designed to prepare students to be able to apply their entrepreneurial knowledge and to start new businesses. The curriculum is designed based on the Entrepreneurial Process which consists of Idea Generation & Opportunity Discovery;

Designing Business
Models & Business Plans; New Business Creation and Business Development. By using experience, actionbased and project-based learning, students will learn how to identify potential business opportunities, evaluate opportunities, analyze competition and business risk, to start a new business. Students will understand how to design business models & write business plans that generate strong revenue streams; how to protect intellectual property; how to make the best potential investment offer, and how to think and act entrepreneurially. Students will get access to business mentors (entrepreneurs), venture capitals, and a network of relevant parties that can help students make dreams come true. In supporting entrepreneurial learning, students will be encouraged to participate in various business and entrepreneurial competitions, such as Business Idea Competition, Business Model Competition, Business Plan Competition, and Pitching Competition. In addition to competition and business coaching, students will also be facilitated by entrepreneurial activities such as business presentation; industry knowledge sharing; workshop & international seminar; industry
visit; and exhibition. At the end of the study period, students are required to prepare a thesis based on
their business performance analysis (which has been carried out in the sixth and seventh semesters) and design business development strategies for the next five years.


Group Course Code and Name SCU
MPK CHAR6030 Character Building: Pancasila 2
ACCT6349 Accounting Principle 2
ENTR6101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship ** 4
MKK MGMT6256 Introduction to Management and Business 4
ENTR6507 Idea Generation and Opportunity Discovery 2
ECON6067 Introduction to Economics 4
ENTR6508 Design Thinking for Business and Innovation 2
Total SCU 20
Cumulative SCU 20
Group Course Code and Name SCU
MPK CHAR6031 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2
MKB MGMT6345 Operations Management 4
LANG6089 Indonesian Language 2
ENTR6102 Creative and Innovative Thinking** 2
MKK MGMT6346 Entrepreneurial Financial Management 2/2
MKTG6278 Marketing Management* 4
English Courses I:
MKB ENGL6198 English in Focus 2
ENGL6199 English for Business Presentation 2
Total SCU 20
Cumulative SCU 40

For English Courses I, student with score Binus English Proficiency Test less than 500 will take English in Focus, and student with score test greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Business Presentation


Group Course Code and Name SCU
MPK CHAR6032 Character Building : Agama 2
MKTG6279 Digital Marketing ** 2/2
MKB MGMT6257 Human Resource Management 4
ENTR6106 New Venture Creation 4
MGMT6347 Applied Business Statistics 2/2
MKK ENTR6105 Business Model 4
English Courses II
MKB ENGL6201 English Savvy 2
ENGL6200 English for Written Business Communication 2
Total SCU 24
Cumulative SCU 64

For English Courses II, student with score Binus English Proficiency Test less than 500 will take English Savvy, and student with score test greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Written Business Communication.


Group Course Code and Name SCU
MATH6117 Business Mathematics 4
RSCH6452 Market Research 4
MKB ISYS6027 Business Information System 4
ENTR6107 Topics in Creative Business* 2
ENTR6513 Disruptive Strategy & Innovation 4
MKK MGMT6348 Consumer Behavior 2
MKB ENTR6514 Innovative Product Design and Development** 2
MKB Minor Program 16
Total SCU 22
Cumulative SCU 86

Students who take minor program should take another course that has 2 credit values (scu) to make it 22 scu in total.


Group Course Code and Name SCU
MKK BUSS6169 Business Law and Ethics 2
ENTR6515 Business Risk Analysis 2
ENTR6517 Business Plan 4/4
MKB ENTR6518 Entrepreneurial Strategy* 2
ENTR6139 Entrepreneurship and Culture 4
ENTR6516 Creative Engagement Strategy** 4
Minor Program 14
Total SCU 22
Cumulative SCU 108

Students who take minor program must take Business Plan since this is a Core Course (MKI), and take another course(s) that to make it 22 scu in total.


Group Course Code and Name SCU
MKB Enrichment Program I 16
Total SCU 16
Cumulative SCU 124

Student will take Entrepreneurship tracks only.


Group Course Code and Name SCU
MKB Enrichment Program II 16
Total SCU 16
Cumulative SCU 140
Student will take Entrepreneurship tracks only.
Group Course Code and Name SCU
MKB RSCH6105 Thesis 6
Total SCU 6
Cumulative SCU 146
Notes: *) = Delivery in English **)= Global Learning System Course

MKK = Mata kuliah Keilmuan & Ketrampilan.
MKB = Mata kuliah Keahlian Berkarya.
MPK = Mata kuliah Pengembangan Kepribadian.
MPB = Mata kuliah Prilaku Berkarya.
MBB = Mata kuliah Berkehidupan Bermasyarakat.

Enrichment Entrepreneurship Track
Enrichment Program I
Group Course Code and Name SCU
ENTR6108 Business Start-Up 8
MKB ENTR6125 Developing Business Model 2
ENTR6126 Launching New Venture 2
ENTR6111 EES in New Business I 4
Total SCU 16
Enrichment Program II
Group Course Code and Name SCU
ENTR6127 Growing a Business 8
MKB ENTR6128 Developing Business Plan 2
ENTR6129 Venture Capital 2
ENTR6115 EES in New Business II 4
Total SCU 16

Student should pass all these quality-controlled courses as listed below.

No Course Code Course Name Minimum Semester
1. CHAR6030 Character Building: Pancasila B 1
2. ENTR6507 Idea Generation & Opportunity Discovery C 1
3. MGMT6345 Operations Management C 2
4. MKTG6278 Marketing Management C 2
5. ENTR6105 Business Model C 3
6. ENTR6106 New Venture Creation C 3
7. RSCH6452 Market Research C 4
8. ENTR6517 Business Plan C 5

Minor Program (option for semester 4 & 5)

Minor Program Semester 4 Semester 5
Minor @ Binus Alam Sutera
Digital Business v v
Minor @ Binus Malang
Digital Technopreneur v v
Minor @ Binus Alam Sutera: Digital Business
Fundamental Courses
Group Course SCU
STAT6149 Practical Statistics for Data and Business Analysis 4
ISYS6557 Business Data Management 4
MKB ISYS6558 Strategic Digital Business Analysis 4
ISYS6559 Business Models and Technology Innovation 4
MGMT6352 Digital Strategy 4
Total SCU 20
Supporting Courses
Group Course SCU
MGMT6353 Digital Finance 4
MKB STAT6150 Data Analytics Software 4
ISYS6560 Success Factor for Leading Digital Transformation 2
Total SCU 10

ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020 |7

Minor @ Binus Malang: Digital Technopreneur

Fundamental Courses

Group Course SCU
ENTR6528 The Entrepreneurial Innovator 4
COMP6686 Popular Technology 4
MKB ENTR6529 Market Intelligence 4
DSGN6839 Interactive Design 4
DSGN6844 Prototyping Digital Future 4
Total SCU 20
Supporting Courses
Group Course SCU
COMM6504 Digital Branding 2
MKB COMP6687 User Experience Design 4
ENTR6530 New Technology Venture 4
Total SCU 10