In order to supporting students’ teaching and learning system, there are 38 classrooms available in Syahdan Campus, each equipped with LCD projector, white board and air-conditioning. In addition, each classroom also provided computer and internet access.

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Accounting Laboratory

Accounting laboratory is a unit for BINUS UNIVERSITY students, especially for students of the Faculty of Economics Majoring Accounting and the Faculty of Computer Studies Study Program Computerized Accounting being guided and trained in the development and application of accounting knowledge, so that it is expected that the students will increase their skills and theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, the Accounting laboratory has a role as a place for community and society training, research and services.

Thereby, Accounting laboratory activities have an important role to support the teaching and learning process to the students in order to prepare graduates to be ready for the working environment.

The Accounting laboratory is run by the Faculty of Economics Majoring Accounting. The lab can be contacted at:
Syahdan Campus
Jl. K. H. Syahdan No. 9, Kemanggisan / Palmerah
West Jakarta 11480
Telp. : (62 – 21) 534 5830 ext. 2169 / 53 69 69 39

Activities and Facilities

The main activity of the lab is to consolidate the organization of the Accounting laboratory and practical work activities with the Accounting department and other departments.

The Accounting laboratory also reviews and develops practical work materials in collaboration with the departments run with the conditions in industries. Each semester, the Accounting lab organizes training for assistants on accounting materials and their application in order to improve their competencies and help computer laboratory classes. The Accounting laboratory also holds an Assistant Award appreciation annually to stimulate performance.

The Accounting laboratory conducts other training and activities such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and MYOB workshops.

The Accounting laboratory also conducts research according to accounting competencies besides carrying out benchmarking studies to other universities and industries. There is also a monthly publication called Labirin (Review and Information of Accounting Laboratory) published by the lab containing a summary of the lab’s activities and up-to-date articles about accounting implementation and its practical work.

The Accounting laboratory offers tutorials for students having difficulty in certain subjects and provides computer software to support learning activities.

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Architecture Laboratory Studio

The studio is supervised by BINUS UNIVERSITY Architecture department. Established in September 1997, it aims to help architectural activities and enrich knowledge related to architecture, and help to arrange final assessments for architecture students.

The Studio is located on the third floor of Syahdan campus, and is equipped by well-resourced facilities such as AutoCad 2008, 3D max 2008 and Revit 2008. Other facilities include drawing table, plotter, digitizer, A3 printer, scanner, drafting machine, OHP, InFocus projector TV, video player and digital camera.

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Civil Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory activities in the Civil Engineering Department of BINUS UNIVERSITY include:

  1. AutoCAD 1 (2 dimension structure)
  2. AutoCAD 2 (3 dimension structure)
  3. Surveying
  4. Soil Mechanics
  5. Transportation:
    • Pavement Material Testing
    • TrafficGeometric
    • Design
  6. Concrete Technology

AutoCAD 1 (2 Dimension Structure)


By completing this lab activity, students are able to create a two-dimension AutoCAD drawings, modify them and define civil engineering drawings and elements.

AutoCAD 2 (3 Dimension Structure)


The objectives are to enable students to create three-dimension AutoCAD drawings and project those drawings into two-dimensional view. By the end of this activity, students will be able to design a simple two-storey house in 3D format.



Students are able to calculate differences in building elevations, create site mapping and contours.

Pavement Material Testing


After completing this activity, students will be able to decide the proportion of mix design and calculate penetration from a sample.

Traffic Engineering


Students will be able to analyze the volume, velocity and traffic signal.

Geometric Alignment Design


Students will be able to design road pavements (flexible and rigid pavement) and geometric alignment.

Concrete Technology


After completing this activity, students will be able to decide the proportion of concrete mix design, based on compressive strength already planned.

Soil Mechanics


Students will be able to do a soil investigation, soil testing and parameters.


  1. MoU with PT. Subur Brothers for lab activities and research related to concrete and asphalt.
  2. Geosmart Seminar in March 2006 in collaboration with Geosoft Technical Support, Singapore
  3. Plaxis Standard Course in December 2006 in collaboration with Plaxis b.v, Holland
  4. Plaxis Workshop in October 2007 in collaboration with Plaxis b.v, Holland

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Computer Engineering Laboratory
The Computer Engineering Laboratory is part of the Computer Engineering Department and aims to to conduct laboratory experiments including Electric Circuit Theory, Discrete Electronics, Integrated Electronics, Assembly Language, Digital Systems, Advanced Control Systems, Microprocessor Application and Interfacing, Digital Signal Processing, Mechatronics 1, Mechatronics 2 and Physics.

The Computer Engineering Laboratory has facilities and instruments that support laboratory experiments, such as electronic instruments (oscilloscope, power-supply, multimeter dan signal-generator), LRC-meter, servo control system, robotic-arm, PLC, pneumatic control system, interfacing control system, crosscore DSP development system, CPLD, experiment-module and computers connected to Local Area Network (LAN).

The Computer Engineering Laboratory also has a special room for Research and Development (R&D). This R&D room is supported by facilities and instruments such as router and configurable switch, FPGA module development board, digital and analog training module, digital signal processing kit, microcontroller 8051, AVR Development Board and computers that connected to LAN and Internet.

For further information click this link :

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Industrial Engineering Laboratory Studio
Industrial Engineering students are allowed to use the Industrial Engineering Laboratory Studio, operating under Industrial Engineering Department, to perform lab experiments. The lab modules include Technical Drawing, Process Technology, Industrial Statistic, Work System Design and Ergonomics, Facility Layout and Design, Planning and Production Control, and Plant Feasibility Study.

The Industrial Engineering Laboratory Studio is a metaphor for the integration of a variety of modeling tools, software, and methodologies to support solutions to a range of problems in a system such as production machinery, mini assembly room with its instrumentation, ergo bike, foot smart, treadmill, anthropometry, luxmeter, recorder camera, and experiment module and computers supported by software applications such as Minitab, Reba, and ProModel.

Students and lecturers who are interested in performing Industrial Engineering-related research and development are welcome to utilize the Industrial Engineering Laboratory Studio.

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Information System Laboratory
The Information Systems Laboratory is a course-supporting unit assigned to conduct laboratory services for BINUS UNIVERSITY students especially those majoring in information systems (including double-degree departments specializing in information systems), computerized accounting, and accounting. In laboratory activities, students are asked to solve problems based on case studies by applying the proper theories. This involves examining and analyzing the problems before designing the solution. The skill of students to solve problems through intermutual discussion will improve. This skill is needed in today’s industrial sector, where teamwork is an obligatory skill.

Students are assisted by laboratory assistants. Besides problem-solving skills, students are requested to have competence to model solutions using the tools. Laboratory assistants will demonstrate the use of these tools. Students are extorted to accomplish the final project using these tools.

The Information Systems Laboratory also offers consultation services for final project or theses. Usually the service is provided for students who are in desideratum to procure some other points of view about their proposed design solution.

This is the list of courses supported by the Information Systems Laboratory:

  • Information System Development – M0054 (for students majoring in Information Systems and Computerized Accounting)
  • Information System Analysis and Design – M0086 (for students majoring in Information Systems)
  • Advance Information System Analysis and Design – M0126 (for students majoring in Information Systems)
  • Information System Analysis and Design – M0446 (for students majoring in Computerized Accounting)
  • Accounting Information System Laboratory – A0712 (for students majoring in Computerized Accounting)
  • Accounting Information System – A0226 (for students majoring in Computerized Accounting)
  • Accounting Information System Laboratory – F0654 (for students majoring in Accounting)
  • Applied ERP I (Fundamental Module) – M0674 (for students majoring in Information Systems and Computerized Accounting, specializing Applied ERP)
  • Applied ERP II (Procurement Module) – M0682 (for students majoring in Information Systems and Computerized Accounting, specializing Applied ERP)
  • Applied ERP III (Sales and Distribution Module) – M0692 (for students majoring in Information Systems and Computerized Accounting, specializing Applied ERP)
  • Applied ERP IV (Human Capital Management Module) – M0702 (for students majoring in Information Systems and Computerized Accounting, specializing applied ERP)
  • Applied ERP V (Financial Accounting Module) – M0712 (for students majoring in Information Systems and Computerized Accounting, specializing Applied ERP)

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Management Laboratory

The Management Laboratory is a supporting unit under the Management Department of BINUS UNIVERSITY, which aims to support teaching activities (as a teaching laboratory). The Management Laboratory has a main vision “to become a leading laboratory for teaching and researching, and carrying out high-quality management research with information technology involvement“.

The Management Laboratory currently handles two courses, Business Quantitative Method Laboratory and Statistics Laboratory. Students attend lectures about data analyzing techniques and business simulations. The Management Laboratory provides access to software, computational, and storage resources necessary to develop and support high-profile research-related management and statistics.

The Management Laboratory provides supporting facilities such as a comfortable laboratorium, LAN-conected computers, statistics software, and business software. The Management Laboratory also provides a lab module equipped with sopisticated IT facilities and qualified assistants. The educational tools available are SPSS V. 15, QM for Windows software, Lisrel, and project management tools such as MS Project.

As a teaching laboratory, the Management Laboratory also has a research center to encourage a research environment for lecturers, teaching assistants and students. The Management Laboratory is involved in research recognized not only at national, but also at international level. This is a part of our mission to support the vision of BINUS UNIVERSITY as a world-class university.

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Information Technology Directorate and Applied Technology Laboratories (ATL)

One of BINUS UNIVERSITY’s main strengths in creating and operating academic activities and services to BINA NUSANTARA Group stakeholders is IT implementation in every aspect of academic and academic support processes.

In August 2005, BINA NUSANTARA Foundation decided to upgrade its IT from departmental to directorate status, reporting directly to BINA NUSANTARA Foundation. The IT Directorate is responsible not only for supporting BINUS UNIVERSITY but also all business units in the BINA NUSANTARA Group. Currently, the IT Directorate is located on Syahdan campuse. The office is located on H Builiding the 2nd floor.

The IT Directorate is now lead by a General Manager of IT, Eddy Santosa Jaya, S.Kom., MM. The IT Directorate has five main functions:

  1. IS Development

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Yosef Bernardus Wirian, S.Kom., S.Si.

    This department is responsible for applications development in areas, which includes BINUS University, BINUS Business School, BINUS Consulting & Training, BIS Simprug, BIS Serpong, BINUS Center, BINUS Square, Finance Directorate, Marketing Directorate, Strategic Planning & Corporate Development Directorate, Widia Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, Talent Management Directorate, General Affair & Legal Directorate dan Information Technology Directorate.

  2. University IS Development

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Karto Iskandar, S.Kom., MM and Specialist: Wihendro, S.Kom., MM.

    This department is responsible for applications development in areas, which includes, BINUS UNIVERSITY, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL and BINUS Online Learning.

  3. School IS Development

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Lawrence Wibisono, M.S/M.Sc.

    This department is responsible for applications development in areas, which includes, BINUS School Simprug, BINUS School Serpong and Libraries in BINUS Group.

  4. Technology Development

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Roy Hidayat, S.Kom.

    This department is responsible for current technology research development which can be implemented in BINUS Group, managing human resources (Associate Member) and communication mediator for IT Directorate with users.

  5. IT Operation

    This deparment is lead by/managed by: Johan Muliadi Kerta, S.Kom., MM.

    This department is responsible for support IT operation in BINA NUSANTARA Group and communities around it. This department has two main functions are: Network and Communication, responsible for network operational and management in BINUS Group and communities around it. Data Center is responsible for network operational and management in BINUS Group and communities around it.

Apart from its seven main functions, the IT Directorate also established an Applied Technology Laboratory (ATL), whose goal is to improve BINUSIAN with computer manufacturers and IT service provides. BINUSIANS can become associate members through a staged selection process, and can become actively involved in the IT development and implementation. ATL also provides facilities and allows students the opportunity to undertake practical work and compile projects using the latest technology. At the same time, ATL also helps them to apply their results to BINUS IT.

To managing human resources, IT Directorate established program for new associate member of BINA NUSANTARA IT Directorate is called METAMORPH. It aims to transform students to professional in information technology industry. Students can be expert in their field, they provide with knowledge about information technology.

Contact Us

Dewi Riana

Community Development Coordinator
Phone : (021) 534 5830 ext. 2310
Address : IT Directorate, KH. Syahdan No. 9
Jakarta 11480

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Cyber @ccess

Cyber@ccess is a network of 70 PCs designed to help you access the Internet, search for information online, and communicate over the Internet. You can also use this facility as a reference tool for academic study.

Cyber@ccess offers the following facilities:

  • Windows-based web browser
  • E-mail
  • Newsgroups

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Information Kiosk
The Information kiosk helps students to obtain information relating to their academic and study activities, including class schedules, academic performances, fees, announcements, etc. The information kiosk can be accessed by computers provided at Block L (next to the LDA room) , which are accessible at any time.

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Wireless Internet

Free wireless internet is available throughout the University. On Syahdan Campus, there are hot spots around the canteen, the first-floor corridor and Block H corridor on the second floor (in front of the LRC unit).

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Rock Climbing Wall

BINUS UNIVERSITY provides a 3m x 7m climbing wall in the parking lot of Syahdan Campus.

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Multifunction Sport Hall
Syahdan campus has a multi-functional sport hall which can be used for many events and sporting activities. The students usually use the sport hall – located on the third floor – for badminton, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, aikido, and dance practicing. In addition, local and national sport competitions often use the sport hall as a competition venue. The sport hall has a capacity of 500 seats.

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BINUS UNIVERSITY provides a polyclinic on Syahdan Campus. A medical doctor and nurse are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other clinics are located just outside the campus.

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Copy Center

A copy center is located in Block M1 of Syahdan Campus for photocopying, binding, scanning, and printing. Opening hours are 7.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Syahdan Campus provides a canteen – located behind the campus building – that gives you the opportunity to choose your meal from a variety of Indonesian food and beverage at a reasonable price. More selections of Indonesian traditional cooking or Chinese cuisine, Japanese and Korean are offered by dining places around the campus to allow you the satisfaction of a meal at a reasonable price, starting around Rp. 7.000,00 – Rp. 10.000,00 per meal.

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A prayer room (mushola) is located behind the Syahdan Campus building.

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Syahdan Campus has three multi-function BCA ATMs for the use of students and all building users. These are located on the ground floor next to Marketing Room and are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Public Phone Service

Coin-operated public phone booths are located in block L next to LDA room. There are also a number of wartel (telephone offices) outside campus that provide shared public phone booths and fax service for local, national and international use.

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Parking Space

Many students bring their own vehicles to campus nowadays. However, finding a safe place to park can often be a problem. At BINUS, there is no need to worry.

Car-only parking lots in Anggrek Campus basement plus the parking area in front of the campus building can accommodate up to 175 cars. A separate motorbike parking area behind the campus can accommodate 120 bikes.

The parking fee for cars is Rp 2000 for the first five hours and an additional Rp 1000 for each hour thereafter. In The Joseph Wibowo Center, the parking fee for cars is Rp 5000 for the first five hours and an additional Rp 5000 for each hour thereafter.

Parking stickers are also available for lecturers and employees.

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Public Safety
BINUS campuses provide round-the-clock security service with 5-8 patrolling guards on each campus in two different shifts. The security guards are assigned to several places such as parking lots, lobbies, and office areas as well as inside the campus buildings.

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