MM in Creative Marketing

    BINUS Business School

    The MM in Creative Marketing is a Master of Management (MM) program designed for fresh graduates (Strata-1 or equivalent) and those with little professional working experience.  This program is designed for those who have passion in the marketing field and decides to pursue career in the marketing related areas. The program provides knowledge and skills in innovation, creative approach to problem solving, and cultivating entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging the development of ICT that equip the students should they decide to launch their own businesses or become intrapreneurs in established firms.

    BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL faculty brings real-world professional and consulting experience in the area of creative industries, multimedia, and information communication technology to the classroom. The faculty is consistently imparting and sharing the wisdom of their experiences to the participants. They integrate mixed teaching methodologies including, but not limited to, lectures, case studies, discussions, class presentations, summaries, and field projects.


    • MM Degree from BINUS University

    Study Completion Requirements

    To complete MM degree (in Creative Marketing) at BINUS Business School, students must complete a minimum of 42 SCUs, all of which are mandatory courses.

    Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Strategy

    The teaching, learning and assessment methods used in the program, such as case studies, group discussion, individual and group project assignment and presentation, are designed to enhance the students’ capability in applying comprehensive marketing approaches in decision making process and to sharpen their critical and creative problem solving skills.

    The innovation habit will be developed through course assessment that put weight on content comprehension and innovation. The innovation thinking, or commonly referred to Design Thinking on the other hand.Students are required to translate their selected innovative ideas into a visible design to comprehend the end-to-end innovation process. This innovation thinking approach is implemented in the teaching, learning, and assessment process of several courses throughout the program.

    Moreover, additional events such as CMO Chat as well as guest lecturers would also give students a new perspective on how to relate theoretical marketing foundations with current practices and to give them exposure to social and professional networks. At the end of program, students would be required to write a project that would asses students’ comprehensive understanding of marketing concepts learnt in the program.


    To be a reputable business school in ASEAN with high commitment to education excellence.


    • Develop professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative leadership, global mindset, and ethical foundation
    • Advance knowledge with relevance to industry
    • Contribute to community through dissemination of business knowledge

    Program Concentration

    The objectives of the graduate business programs are:

    1. To prepare world-class business professionals and entrepreneurs with ability to implement the integrated management approach for local & global organizations to promote sustainable growth
    2. To enable professionals and entrepreneurs to advance knowledge with relevance to industry by leveraging research and ICT
    3. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to drive & manage continuous organizational changes through effective communication strategy & people management
    4. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to be able to demonstrate effective personal, social, & ethical professional attributes & develop related system & environment in their respective organizations and community
    5. To prepare professionals and entrepreneurs with discipline, habits, & state of mind of innovation & able to create systems & environment that nurture both breakthrough & incremental innovation

    Perspective Career

    A wide range of career opportunities in marketing area such as market analyst, brand manager,  product development manager, advertising manager as well as entrepreneur  would be available in the market for students after completing the eighteen  months of study program. The integrated curriculum is designed, developed and prepared to support students in building on their technical and non-technical marketing skills as well as engaging with the related industry.