MM Young Professional Creative Marketing


    Marketing is about the whole business as seen from the customer’s point of view (Peter Drucker).

    The MM in Creative Marketing is a Master of Management (MM) program designed for recent graduates (Strata-1 or equivalent) and those with little professional working experience. This program is designed for those who have passion in the marketing field and decide to pursue a career in marketing-related areas. With the increasing usage of technology, the role of marketing in some companies seems to have diminished and focuses more on tactical functions of defending the existing business rather than grow the business by creating markets. Understanding fundamental needs and drivers, targeting customers, and developing the entire go-to-market and usage ecosystem are the essential aspects of marketing — and the center of the success of breakthrough innovations. In Creative Marketing, students will not only learn about promotion and sales related courses, but they will also learn how to sense the market, craft a new proposition, acquire customers, manage customer relationships, ensure the delivery of a proposition, and evaluate the return on investments. The program provides knowledge and skills in innovation, creative problem-solving, and cultivating entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging the development of ICT. This equips the students should they decide to launch their own businesses or become entrepreneurs in established firms.

    The BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL faculty brings real-world professional and consulting experience in the area of creative industries, consumer goods, multimedia, and information communication technology to the classroom. Market Update brought by the industry’s experts will equip the students with the ability to identify patterns. Mixed teaching methodologies will include, but are not limited to, lectures, case studies, discussions, class presentations, client real cases, simulations, summaries, and field projects.

    Catalog 2013 (PDF); Catalog 2014 (PDF); Catalog 2015 (PDF); Catalog 2016 (PDF); Catalog 2017 (PDF); Catalog 2018 (PDF); Catalog 2019 (PDF); Catalog 2020 (PDF)