MM Executive Management


    The Executive Management Program, with its “concise-but-no-compromise” learning experience, is tailored for executives who wish to remain on the job while not only obtaining their advanced degree but also answering top management challenges: growth, innovation, excellent execution, and leadership. This program is based on a trilogy of cognitive principles adopted from Harvard Business School: ‘Knowing, Doing, and Being’. ‘Knowing’ or knowledge is about developing highly analytical skills, ‘doing’ is about developing the professional skills that are required for business activities, and ‘being’ is about the development of a personal purpose or identity that relates to the roles and responsibilities of business leaders.

    In this program, students are coached by renowned hybrid faculty members — academics and business practitioners combined — who are part of the prestigious C-society, from CEO (executives) to COO (operations), from CIO (information) to CMO (marketing), as well as CHC (human capital). Under their tutelage, students will have practical learning experiences – while maintaining an academic perspective. By applying the systems thinking dynamics of great business leaders, the Executive Management Program faculty exposes students to the latest business knowledge in order to enhance their contextual leadership style. Over 200 relevant and contemporary types of these studies are incorporated into the Executive Management Program in order to improve the quality of classroom work.

    The Binus Executive Management program is an 18-month program designed to provide students with the opportunity to study specific contemporary issues such as how to implement disruptive innovation and how to strategize business in the ‘Internet of everything’. The other main differentiator of this program is the focus on a growth-oriented leader’s innovation and thinking development. Innovation is developed through course assessments that put emphasis on content comprehension and innovation. Students are required to translate selected innovative ideas into a visible design to comprehend the end-to-end innovation process. This approach has also been adopted by globally reputable business schools such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the University of California Berkeley (Haas School of Business), INSEAD, and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania). Throughout the program, students are driven to produce growth-oriented, innovative ideas in the majority of courses offered. Student assumptions and beliefs will be challenged. The practices that they currently accept will be challenged. They will also be exposed to a diverse group of experienced, talented fellow participants from a variety of business industries. This diversity of both students and faculty makes the BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Master Program truly realistic and forward-thinking.


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