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[MMS] Mobile Multimedia Solution

S1-Computer Science

Mobile Multimedia Solution is a subject in Mobile Application & Technology Program that gives the student knowledge about the basic concept of Objective-C language and main features of iOS Platform. Learning Mobile Multimedia Solution will give student the ability to learn and develop mobile applications for larger market based on iOS Platform. After completing this course, students should be able to know the fundamental knowledge about mobile application programming and ability to design and developing mobile application based on iOS Platform. Also students should be able to build an application or several applications as a collaborative open source community.

Course Outline:

  1. [MMS01] Introduction to iOS Programming
  2. [MMS02] Objective-C and Application Development Architecture
  3. [MMS03] Outlet & Action
  4. [MMS04] Multiple Views Application
  5. [MMS05] Table View
  • Aswin Wibisurya
  • Engineering