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[IDB] Introduction to Database

S1-Information Systems

This course introduces concept and terminology in database system, like architecture database, relational model, database planning, normalization technique, ER Modeling, Structure Query Language (SQL), security issues in database environment, and database technologies like Online Transaction Processing concept. It gives student basic knowledge about how to create dan modifies tables that appropriate to the requirement of organization.

Course Outline:

  1. [IDB01] Introduction to Database
  2. [IDB02] Database Environment
  3. [IDB03] Database Planning, Design, and Administration
  4. [IDB04] SQL Data Definition
  5. [IDB05] Security and Administration
  6. [IDB06] SQL Data Manipulation Basic
  7. [IDB07] SQL Data Manipulation Advanced
  8. [IDB08] Normalization
  9. [IDB09] Entity Relationship Modelling
  10. [IDB10] Enhanced Entity Relationship Modelling
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