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[ECT] Electric Circuit Theory

S1-Computer Engineering

This course discusses the electric circuits (DC and AC) that consist of passive components (resistors, inductors and capacitors) and various applications of those circuits.

Course Outline:

  1. [ECT01] Introduction of Electronic Components (Pengenalan Rangkaian Elektronika)
  2. [ECT02] Voltage (Tegangan)
  3. [ECT03] Voltage and Current Source (Sumber Tegangan dan Arus)
  4. [ECT04] Introduction to KCL-KVL and Its Application (Pengenalan KCL-KVL dan Aplikasinya)
  5. [ECT05] Resistance and Conductance (Resistansi dan Konduktansi)
  6. [ECT06] Source Depends (Sumber Tergantung)
  7. [ECT07] Analysis Point (Analisa Titik)
  8. [ECT08] Analysis Point with Threshold Voltage (Analisa Titik dengan Tegangan Ambang)
  9. [ECT09] Mesh or Loop Analysis (Analisa Mesh atau Loop)
  10. [ECT10] Manual Analysis Techniques (Teknik-teknik analisa manual)
  11. [ECT11] Series, Parallel and Mix Circuits (Rangkaian Seri, Paralel dan Campuran)
  12. [ECT12] Electric Circuits Theorems and Conversions (Teorema dan Konversi Rangkaian Elektronika)
  • Jimmy Linggarjati
  • Mario Matheus Pradana
  • Engineering