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[CSL] CEO Speaks on Leadership

S2-Management (BBS)

CEO Speaks Series on Leadership is proudly presented by BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL. CEO Speaks brings chairman of many companies to share their wisdom and knowledge about leadership.

Course Outline:

  1. [CSL01] Tirta Investama – Danone Aqua Group (Charlie Cappetti)
  2. [CSL02] Indosat (Alexander Rusli)
  3. [CSL03] GarudaFood Group (Sudhamek AWS)
  4. [CSL04] GE Indonesia (Handry Satriago)
  5. [CSL05] Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (Claus Weidner)
  6. [CSL06] Unilever Indonesia, Tbk (Maurits Daniel R. Lalisang)
  7. [CSL07] Standard Chartered Indonesia (Tom Aaker)
  • Firdaus Alamsjah
  • Teaching & Learning
Indonesia, English