Fostering Empathy Through Art “Between the Brushstrokes” Project

As we reflect on this beautiful journey, our international students at BINUS University had the chance to visit Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC) as part of the “Between the Brushstrokes” project.

The project isn’t just the art that was created. From the very start, you could see that the students weren’t just there to paint or sculpt; they were there to connect with all of them.

Without a further ado, why not take a look at the highlights.

The students listened intently to the stories the centre’s members shared and had a fruitful discussion.

We hope their project extended far beyond the walls of the disability center.  It’s definitely an inspiration to all of us!

Video by: Arish Madataly, Vian Tolentino Martinez, and Diana Iahhel Alegria Guingab

Words and edited by: Global Recognition’s Team


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