Study in Indonesia: Experience and Opportunities for International Students

Binus University is renowned for its commitment to providing a holistic educational experience that goes beyond academic excellence. Alongside academic achievement, the university offers a range of experiences and opportunities designed to shape students’ personal and professional development. In this article, we will explore some of the key experiences and opportunities available at Binus University that contribute to
students’ growth and success.

The Importance of Academic Achievement: At Binus University, academic achievement is highly valued. The university fosters an environment that encourages students to strive for excellence in their studies.
Through rigorous coursework, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, Binus University equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. The emphasis on academic achievement prepares students for future challenges and enhances their professional prospects. It is very important to work hard and thrive academically.


Internship Opportunities: Binus University recognizes the significance of practical experience in preparing students for the workforce. The university offers a wide range of internship opportunities and/or connects students to industries that offer internships that allow students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings that include the international student. By working alongside industry professionals, students gain valuable insights, develop practical skills, and build networks that can lead to future
employment. Internships at Binus University provide a bridge between academic learning and professional growth, enabling students to become well-rounded professionals. It is very important to keep in mind future internships and work hard your first two years to increase your chance of getting internships.

Extracurricular Activities: Binus University provides a vibrant extracurricular environment that promotes personal development, leadership skills, and social engagement. Various clubs, organizations, and student communities cater to diverse interests, from arts and sports to technology and entrepreneurship. Participating in extracurricular activities allows students to explore their passions, develop teamwork and communication
skills, and build lifelong friendships. These experiences contribute to personal growth, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance the overall university experience.


Study Abroad Programs: Binus University offers study abroad programs that provide students with a global perspective and enrich their academic journey. These programs enable students to immerse themselves in different cultures, gain intercultural competencies, and broaden their horizons. Studying abroad enhances
students’ adaptability, independence, and cross-cultural understanding, all of which are highly valued in today’s interconnected world. Binus University partnership with universities in the United Kingdom and Australia made it possible for students to study abroad programs to create transformative experiences that shape students into global citizens.

Campus Involvement Opportunities: Binus University encourages students to actively participate in campus life through various involvement opportunities. Students can become teaching assistants, providing support to faculty members and gaining valuable teaching and mentoring experience. Additionally, students can become freshman leaders, guiding and assisting new students as they transition into university life. These leadership
roles enhance students’ communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills, fostering personal growth
and self-confidence.

Abas Hassasn Iman (BI Computer Science, Int'l Student, Somalia)

Abas Hassasn Iman (BI Computer Science, Int'l Student, Somalia)