Faric’s Adventure at Michigan State University

Michigan, 25 August 2023 – Meet Faric Priyatama Satria our Industrial Engineering student as the Recipient of Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) scholarship to Michigan State University (MSU) in the United States! 

Faric’s story isn’t about going to a new country and embracing the unknown. He dove into lively class discussions, made friends from all over, explored different cultures, and even conquered the weather.  

Students and professors at MSU didn’t just stick to textbooks. They talked, discussed, and debated. It wasn’t like the usual lecture-style classes he was used to in Indonesia. Professors even hung out for coffee after class to chat with students. 

“After class, professors hold coffee hour sessions to discuss with their students. I often engage in discussions with professors and Teaching Assistants to deepen my knowledge and prepare myself for my future graduate studies,” explained Faric. 

The experience also enriched his cultural outlook. During his study, Faric got to experience Thanksgiving, an iconic American holiday, with a friend’s family in Wisconsin. Not only that,  he explored other cities during his free time, like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, soaking in the unique vibes of each place. Through these adventures, Faric discovered that cultures are like different colors that make the world more beautiful. 

“I’ve also had experiences like celebrating Thanksgiving at a friend’s house in Wisconsin and participating in various American cultural activities, as well as traveling to different regions of the US from LA and New York to Chicago,” said Faric. 

Faric’s friends at MSU came from all over the globe. Imagine having buddies from the U.S., Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Korea, and the Philippines! It was like a mini United Nations. They all respected and celebrated each other’s cultures. Fabric realized that you gain friends from everywhere when you’re open to differences. 

His adventure shows that learning goes beyond books and that friendship knows no borders. So, the next time you’re faced with something new and different, remember Faric’s journey. Embrace it with open arms, just like he did. Who knows? You might end up with friends from every corner of the world and tales to tell for a lifetime. 

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