Asian Cinerama: Highlighting the Richness of Culture through Movie Co-Production

After the Asian Cinerama workshop held at BINUS University JWC Campus on Friday, 16 September 2022, Ekky Imanjaya, S.S., M.Hum., M.A., Ph.D., shared his view with us on the potential of co-production in the film industry in Indonesia and beyond. 

Can you provide a brief explanation of co-production in the film industry?
Ekky: Simply put, this is an effort by various stakeholders to produce a film. Whether you want to collaborate in providing the shooting location or showcasing your movie in the country of origin or elsewhere. The possibilities are endless! 

Why do you think the importance of co-production is in the film industry?
Ekky: Let’s take the example of cooperation between filmmakers in Indonesia and Hong Kong. Filmmakers in Indonesia can show their movies in Hong Kong and vice versa. I previously mentioned co-production possibilities – maybe the cooperation will focus on a specific film genre.

For Arthouse, the focus will be on festivals – such as Cannes or Busan- but the cinema is the go-to place for commercials. 

Can you elaborate on other types of cooperation?
Ekky: Of course! Let’s delve deeper. Filmmakers can decide to work on a specific area, such as story development, production, or distribution. Things can get interesting if you can access various grants to make your vision a reality!

In your opinion, why must we put our attention on cinema in Asia?
Ekky: The shared value between countries is our most important asset. Folklore, language, and humor are some similarities that inspire filmmakers.

What would it be if you could mention one unique thing about Indonesia that the other country can contribute to the movie? 
Ekky: Silat. It’s similar to martial art but unique to our country. Other countries – like Hollywood, tried to embed this into the movie. We also need to think glocal – global outlook with a local context.

What else do you think Indonesia can contribute to the movie industry?
Ekky: We must advocate the importance of a financing forum to ensure that co-production in film production can flourish. We do not have enough in the country; therefore, we must go to festivals such as Cannes in France or Busan in Korea to explore the possibilities.

It takes a village, of course, and I am hopeful.

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