Celebrating Zimbabwe’s Independence Day in Indonesia

April 18th is a special day for a Zimbabwean. It’s their Independence Day! Zimbabweans around the world are still able to celebrate this special day, even though they are not in their home country. Let’s join our three BINUS international students from Zimbabwe (Blessing from International Business major, Beauty and Ellis from Computer Science major) and see how they celebrated this year’s Independence Day from Indonesia. 

After two years of no social gatherings, this year became special as Blessing, Beauty, and Ellis were invited by the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Jakarta, Indonesia to celebrate the Zimbabwean 42nd Independence Day. Blessing, one of our Zimbabwean students, is pleased to share his photos and moments celebrating it in the Embassy.  

Our three Zimbabwean students felt nervous the first time they came to the party as they met new and professional people. However, they were delighted to spend their time with new experiences they gained from these moments. The fun evening began with the attendees singing the national anthem together and followed by greetings and a speech by the Ambassador. Blessing, Beauty, and Ellis began to blend in and make conversations with other Zimbabwean fellows to break their nervousness. This opportunity brought them together to make new connections by chit-chatting and laughing at each other. Our three BINUS international students really enjoyed the opportunity to have a delicious Zimbabwean dish buffet for dinner. It could relieve their homesickness with their traditional cuisine. Not only Zimbabwean traditional cuisine, but they were also served with several Indonesian traditional snacks such as Kue Apem, Bika Ambon, etc. Blessing, Beauty, and Ellis could not hide their joyfulness from this amazing opportunity, so they did not miss every single agenda in this event. 

As the night went on, the fun grew as they had a chance to dance Zimbabwean traditional dancing together. Blessing, Beauty, and Ellis felt thrilled as it was a rare moment for them after two years of no special gatherings. This traditional dancing agenda made their Independence Day celebration complete with cultural elements of Zimbabwean tradition. Moreover, to strengthen their relationships as international students in Indonesia, they shared with each other their experiences living in Indonesia. It was a precious experience and such a lovely evening for them, especially as international students celebrating their national Independence with the Ambassador. 

What a wrap! Not only they shared an exciting celebration, Blessing, Beauty, and Ellis had a lot of opportunities to expand their networks and gather with other Zimbabwean communities in Indonesia from other universities and professions. Our Zimbabwean students could not hide their happiness and smiling faces to get this opportunity on their national special day.  

Are you a Zimbabwean? We are glad to welcome you to our BINUSIAN family – and have you connected with other Zimbabwean students and communities here in Indonesia.
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