Looking Closer at International Exchange Students’ Lives at BINUS Northumbria School of Design

In an attempt to provide its students with global insight, BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) regularly conducts several international programs, and one of them is an exchange program. The exchange students in this program come from various countries all around the globe.

Throwback to a few years ago, the BNSD team received an opportunity to chat with three of them – Poscha from France, Kim Van der Wall from the Netherlands, and Park So Eun from South Korea – at the Photography Room, BNSD fX Campus, Jakarta. All three of them took a Photography class in the BNSD Graphic Design and New Media (GDNM) program.

Being the first time in Indonesia for them – except for Park So Eun (it is her second time) – was actually fun and not so difficult since they are interested in exploring Asian culture, especially in Indonesia. “I decided to go to Indonesia because I really like the culture and I want to explore Asia,” Kim said.

Poscha, Kim, and So Eun said that they really enjoyed studying Photography at BNSD. Aside from being fun and meeting new friends, they learned many things about different people and their respective cultures as well.

The Photography class, they continued, was fun and enjoyable as well. They said that the lecturers were really open and always encouraged them to create what they wanted so they can be really creative. They also learned about different things every week. “This class isn’t boring, and the lecturers are really cool,” So Eun added.

They admitted that the Photography class inspired them to take photography more seriously. In fact, they already had their future plans and personal projects related to photography.

“This class helps me to really love photography, so I think I will buy a new camera,” said Poscha, jokingly.

Original article posted on BNSD website (2017).

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