The world that you were bored of was all you could see; and felt nothing was exciting. The morning rush and chaotic list of daytime errands driving through the traffic to reach your destination, spending time with friends or co-workers, choosing an outfit for a week to come for family get-togethers. The thrill is real! Oh, and that regular sight on your way home: an old neighbour you’re waving at, or the noisy kids playing across the street.

The entire world is experiencing the one account of the deadly pandemic. It is at this exact moment that one feels hopeless, anxious, and far from optimistic. It doesn’t help that we are confined within our four walls scrolling news after news on mounting uncertainty about what is going on. Most of us are scared, restless, stressed, and can’t keep up with the usual sleeping routine. All we could do is gawk blankly at the ceiling, twisting and turning left to right just to find the right position before drifting off to sleep. It’s all right to feel anxious, but not all right to lose hope. You will pass through this low and emerge stronger. We are together in the quest to reach the brighter side of the tunnel. Hope is what will carry us through, and it is the only thing one should not sacrifice in times like these.

I sincerely hope when the time comes for us to move around, the longing will fill us with appreciation and joy for the time we reach the world outdoors. Perhaps it is time for us to sit down and reconnect with ourselves in this era of unsureness and indifference.

We shall overcome this. Stay safe and positive.

Ruwaida Mohamed Majid (BI International Business, Int'l Student, Kenya)