Dinda Nathania Azzahra: Solving Problems Through Design with Strong Concepts

Design is more than producing work and actualizing creativity, it is a process and the result of problem-solving in a visual form. Those are the words Dinda Nathania Azzahra Lubis, a Graphic Design student at BINUS Northumbria School of Design, believes in and always tries to implement.

In producing her work, Dinda always tries to pay attention to what problems must be resolved as well as the brief given. Furthermore, she also believes that the process will be equivalent to the final result. Therefore, in order to produce good work, the process must also be good and right.

Her persistence to look at the problem first and emphasize on the process results in designs with strong concepts. This kind of character could be seen in a number of her designs that were showcased in the Port o’ Folio 2020.

Port o’ Folio is an annual event that is also an opportunity for the Graphic Design and New Media (GDNM) students to display their fifth-semester assignments to the public. Held from 8-14 February 2020 at BINUS f(X) Campus, f(X) Sudirman Mall, 6th floor, Jakarta, the Port o’ Folio 2020 was conducted as an opportunity for the students to learn how to build up their portfolio, develop their entrepreneurial spirit, as well as to find their strengths and unique creativity to be recognized by the public. In total 33 students participated in this year’s Port o’ Folio.

In this year’s Port o’ Folio, Dinda presented her collection, DNA, which stands for her name, Dinda Nathania Azzahra. DNA is a collection that Dinda created during the learning process at the campus. It consists of books, layouts, illustrations, product designs and brand concepts.

Dinda said that the creation of all these works always began with research and was continued by brainstorming for the outcome. For her, the initial process is crucial because this will be the foundation of the artwork itself. After that, she continues with the sketching and designing process. During the designing process, Dinda usually also does a test print or creates a mockup. Then, after everything is satisfactory, she does the revision, finishing, and starts the printing process.

In the future, she wants to be a creative director because she wants to have and lead her own team and do more than just designing. The Port o’ Folio itself, Dinda said, really helped her in achieving it all because here, she was given the opportunity to learn and start everything from scratch.

Through the Port O’ Folio, Dinda was able to exhibit her design creation and helped her learn to make a design so that she has a stronger understanding of concepts and building the mood of her work. “It provided me with means and stronger understanding to conceptualize and build the mood of a work. And in my opinion, these are all very important for my personal development and future career,” she said.

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