Custom-Painted Shoe Business: Stay Productive when Staying at Home Like Naima Syeeda

What should we do when staying at home during this self-quarantine period in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic? Do hobbies? Do a business? Or hone our skills and talents? But what if you can actually do all of them? Yes, those activities are what Naima Syeeda does with her custom-painted shoe business.

Naima Syeeda, a third semester Graphic Design student at BINUS Northumbria School of Design, started painting with shoes and jeans as the media for the first time when she was in senior high school. Initially, Naima wasn’t confident enough to turn the hobby into a business and paint other people’s shoes, although many people liked the finished results when she uploaded them to Instagram. Moreover, she also didn’t have much time because of her class schedules and swimming exercises.

However, this self-quarantine period during the COVID-19 pandemic has given Naima an unexpected opportunity. Since most of her activities are carried out at home, now she has more spare time to utilize. Hence, she decided to turn the hobby into a business and accept orders (and there are a lot!).

“Initially, I painted just for fun and to channel my creativity. But now, I can turn it into a business and also gain income from this hobby,” she said.

Naima said that any shoes with any materials and colours can be custom-painted. She also accepts any kind of painting, such as cartoon-themed like Disney’s and many more.

For the painting process, the shoes need to be washed first by the client and then sent to her. Then, she draws the sketch on the shoes with a pencil. After that, she starts painting using her painting technique and different kinds of brush sizes.

Managing Time for Study and Business

For Naima, time management is super-important, and time during this self-quarantine period is not an exception. Naima said that during the quarantine, her studying time is still her first priority. Naima is committed to finishing her assignments as well as the mid and final semester projects first before doing the painting.

Naima always arranges her daily schedule even when staying at home. In the morning, she attends the online classes and finishes her assignments, in the afternoon she exercises online, and then in the evening, she starts painting.

“Everything has to be arranged properly; deadlines, exercise schedules, and painting orders. For me, discipline is the key,” she said.

The Future of the Business

Naima wholeheartedly feels glad and proud of her custom-painted shoe business. However, for now, her highest priority is to finish her study and focus on her career in swimming as a professional athlete. (As a note: Naima won 4 gold and 1 bronze medals in the 3rd Indonesia Open Aquatic Championships in December 2019).

Even so, she continued, there’s certainly a possibility that her business will keep continuing if there are time and chances.

Naima also encourages others to do business even when staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Do your business from home; don’t stop your effort to gain income even during the pandemic. Stay creative,” she concluded.

To order, you can send a direct message to Naima on her Instagram account (@naimasyeeda). To view the finished result, go to @naimasketch or @naimasyeeda Story Highlights on Instagram.

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