Creating Souvenirs of the Archipelago with Karlina Ratnasuri

Inspired by the magnificence of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, Zanneta strives to become a premium souvenir brand through youthful, feminine, and contemporary product design.

In this first collection, Zanneta chose the culture of Betawi as the main inspiration. Each scarf, aside from being a fashion accessory, has its own story raising awareness of Betawi culture.

Karlina Ratnasuri, the driving force behind Zanneta, graduated from BINUS NORTHUMBRIA SCHOOL OF DESIGN in 2017. Karlina also currently manages social media for different local brands and is working on the upcoming collection of Zanneta.

Zanneta participated in the German Christmas Market in November 2019 in Jakarta, and we asked Karlina a few questions about her and her brand.

What inspired you to create your accessories line?

I want to create something beautiful that can represent the beauty and the uniqueness of Indonesian culture. I always inspired by the differs of Indonesian cultural heritage and I hope I can raise awareness for many of these to Indonesian young generation. Thus, their love for this country and its culture will grow and blossom.

Why did you choose the name you did for your brand?

The name Zanneta, derived from the Sanskrit language that means soft and elegant. Our brand believes that beauty derives not only from the appearance but also lies in the heart that appreciates the elegance of cultural history. Zanneta stands for the desire to inspire women to stay true to their value while remaining creative and stylish.

How do you keep up to date with the trends?

By doing some market research like going to a local bazaar and researching on the Internet.

Is there a favourite piece that you’ve created/designed? Why?

I think I love many pieces in my first collection. But my top favourite pieces will be “Betawi Mask Dance scarf” and “Lenong Betawi scarf” they both have beautiful colours. Betawi Mask Dance scarf looks pretty and elegant with its flower pattern and the dancer illustration. The Lenong Betawi scarf is unique with its authentic Betawi rhymes on the design.

Who is your favourite designer or inspiration?

I always inspired by Indonesia’s local designer, BIYAN. He always creates a beautiful collection inspired by Indonesian culture and can elevate it to the International market. His intricate piece made of beads and embroidery always pleasing the eyes and look super sophisticated and elegant.

If you can summarise your line in 3 words, what would it be?

Indonesia, elegant and bold.

Any tips for the budding fashion designers out there?

Never give up on your dreams and goals, no matter how big or challenging it is. You need to focus on things that really matter, build your team that has the same mindset that can get you closer to your goals. And always create something from your heart and BE YOU, the authenticity of yourself.

Any future plans for the brand?

I would like to extend my product to have a clothing line, bags, and eco-friendly lifestyle products.

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