Conveying a “Voice” of Identity & Self-expression with AKSU

AKSU, a clothing line founded by Arintha Vysistha and Nadira Suarga – graduates of BINUS NORTHUMBRIA SCHOOL OF DESIGN, was first debuted at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, where its couture pieces were presented. The following year, the first ready-to-wear collection was launched.

Arintha is also the Founder/Creative Director of OJKIT – The Urban Commuter Apparel Kit. She accumulated numerous other fashion projects under her belt working for Zico Halim and Asian Para Games among others.

Nadira is an art, fashion, music, culture and travel enthusiast. She is also the co-founder of RUPA Cosmetic and she works as the creative director for ADARA.

AKSU is targeted for the young market of fashion and art enthusiast who appreciates originality, uniqueness and conceptuality that are kindled by culture, art and music.

Last year in November, AKSU, among other brands, participated in the annual German Christmas Market in Jakarta, where we also had the chance to get to know more about the founder and the story behind the line:

What inspired you to create your clothing line?

We are inspired by the unique and beautiful cultures and heritage of Indonesia. We love ethnic designs and rich colours of Indonesian arts, nature, foods and other aspects that catch people’s interest.

What does AKSU mean?

The name, which stands for Akar Suara, reflects on the clothes’ raw-contemporary characteristic that maintains essences of strong roots and originality – the Indonesian heritage. It as well tells how the pieces would convey a “voice” of identity and self-expression.

What sets your line apart from the others?

We have our standards in creating each collection telling stories about interesting cultures and tribes across the Indonesian archipelago. We also strive to act as an effort to preserve Indonesian culture through messages that we interpret in our designs, and that we have an aim to be a platform that boosts awareness of local artists, artisans, and musicians, that is also why we tend to have several collaborations and are planning to do more in the future.

How do you keep up to date with the trends?

We don’t really follow trends out there, it’s kind of interesting how the trends are changing rapidly and that we could keep up with our original and unique designs. Yet sometimes we adjust trends with our designs by having several interviews with consumers and evaluating from what people around us are wearing or what they need in daily life.

Is there a favourite piece that you’ve designed? Why?

There is a particular piece called “Mahining“, despite it was an innovative and original piece from us inspired by Dayak culture, it became our signature piece because our consumers labelled it like that. It’s interesting because they actually define that piece as a “very AKSU piece”. We were very pleased to have consumers that are expressive towards our designs.

Who is your favourite designer?

We have no particular favourite, although our favourite designers are the local artisans of Indonesia. Those original artisans creating handcrafted designs in different villages of Indonesia. Very exquisite and unique in every way, especially their stories behind them.

If you can summarise your line in 3 words, what would it be?

Expression. Curiosity. Pleasure.

Any tips for the budding fashion designers out there?

Keep up the hard work. Get inspired every day. Read more. Execute.

Any future plans for the brand?

Expanding our brand around Indonesia and even globally.

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