Underdogs and Independence Day

When Ryan Khaeri stood in front of the jury of his final thesis defense on Djakarta Warehouse Project (THE electronic dance music festival in Asia) and one of our toughest lecturers announced “Your research methods are spot on,” I was teary-eyed with pride. It is not as though research methods are the most important thing in a student’s life. Especially not Ryan Khaeri’s. We had all given him a hard time during his studies and he had returned the favour. But, his heart was always in the right spot and he had achieved the unlikely – impress a bunch of academics.

On the night of the 16th of August, the evening preceding Indonesia’s Independence Day, Ryan had his first debut as ‘dieunderdogg’ events organizer at Hatchi Jakarta. What he had put to paper would resonate in real life. All tables reserved. Tightly planned DJ line-up. By 9pm you could hear the crowd all the way from the second floor in the parking lot, by 10pm I had to climb over people and tables to take pictures. 200+ happy customers. 1 tired lecturer.

With very little sleep I saw the Indonesian flag raised above the heads of hundreds of freshmen hours later; Exhausted, but excited to see what the next generation might surprise us with.



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Christine Gneuss (BI Communications, Faculty, Germany)

Christine Gneuss (BI Communications, Faculty, Germany)